Sunday, May 2, 2010

Around the dinner table

So I would not be so lonely without Dennis last Sunday, Amy and Logan invited me over for dinner.
I got to watch as they asked their nightly question.
I think this is such a great idea.

Here's where she gets her questions, but you certainly could make up your own.

And now, for a few recent pictures:

All ready for the Taylor Swift concert!


Richard said...

Was it Big Hat day in Clovis this weekend??

the Rich girl said...

Oh my goodness!! This is the best video I have ever seen.
I loved everyone's answers.

Tyler says: The greatest invention ever was actually the stirrup. It allowed the domestication of horses. Which led to EVERYTHING ELSE.

I say that the greatest invention was air conditioning. (Especially in August in Texas.)

This video cracked us both up. Especially how Tea was sleeping through it all.

We miss you guys!

Jill said...

Richard, I think some of those pictures were from Big Hat Day! I think that was about 2 weeks ago.

Karen...Was Tyler serious about the horses? I would have never ever thought of that! I agree with you about the air conditioning, for sure.

Kris said...

Oh, these are such cute pictures! Loved the video, too! Such a great family! Oh...and the Taylor Swift concert ladies? So, so jealous! :)

Dad and Susan said...

This method of sharing is like a visit with the family! We LOVED seeing them in their home, at dinner, interacting. Everyone is so photogenic. Is it true that Amy really has 7 children? She looks like one of the older daughters. We're eager to see everyone in person on the 29th. Love, Dad and Susan

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

All very good. I just love how Tea slept through the whole thing. I guess the greatest invention of all time was the nap.

grandmapeg said...

Is there really a Big Hat Day in Clovis or is that a family joke? I loved all of the pictures and what a fun idea the dinner time question is! What a great activity for Amy and the girls to go to a Taylor Swift concert!! I'm just now getting to really enjoy some of her songs.

Eileen said...

This was great! And I love the idea about the questions at dinner!
Great answers, and such a fun family!

Love all the pictures too! Jonas in the cowboy hat and Tea asleep at her dinner table! So sweet!

I also loved the posts I read back on!
Cami is so cute! And we have those same shopping carts here and Jayden still likes climbing into them, although the one I had yesterday was very hard to maneuver!
Looks like you had a great day with Cami, but I'm sorry to hear that Elora was sick. Hope she's well now and that you get to spend the day together again on Wednesday!

I loved all your quotes, and I do that too, and it's so nice to sit in a quiet spot and review them. I'll be adding yours to my journal!

And the fashion predictions were great! But I guess no one could have predicted blue jeans and sneakers as a 'must-have' for both men and women, and young and old alike!

All great posts, Jill!
All the best to you,

Jill said...

Peggy..Yes we really do have Big Hat Day in CLovis. It's were the main street is lined with craft and food booths and everyone walks around showing off their hats. It's always a prelude to the rodeo the following week I think.

Eileen...I never thought of blue jeans and sneakers never being around. So makes me wonder what casual everyday clothing people wore back in 1930?

Luke and Nat said...

I laughed so hard when the camera swept to Tea who was sleeping...I want a baby who can just fall asleep sweet! ;)

Lisa said...

What a great family! They are exactly what I think people dream of when they want to start their own, but some just forget & don't treasure up what they have! I LOVED THIS POST! Logan's a riot & Amy is Spontaneously Funny!

Sue said...

What a fun couple! I loved their "passionate" kiss...and the way the kids weren't even phased. Apparently, fun abounds at their house.


kelly said...

I like Logan and Amy's kiss!

Jared and Heather said...

I loved watching this video, what a cute family! The dinnertime question is a great idea, I will have to remember that when my kids are older.