Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One whole year

Can you tell I kissed her as soon as we arrived at the party?

I know I said I was not going to do any birthday posts,
but these little people had not even had their first birthday yet.

While I don't have all their gifts on here, 
I was so impressed that big brother Chandler gave them his car collection.

And their sisters wrapped up toys they already had,
which I thought was a great idea.
With any luck, they may be able to do that next year, too.

A riding toy from Mommy and Daddy.  
Won't they have a most lovely time sharing it.
(Actually they do very well together so far! They are like a team.)

Don't you just love the way we are all looking in 4 different directions?  
(that's their cutie friend Brooklyn to the left)

Oh and Macie made an overnight recovery with her eye problem.
She came to the party dressed as, uh, Orphan Annie?

I was so sentimental all day yesterday and feeling so grateful to their parents
for their courage, strength, faith, and patience
in all they went through to get these babies here for us all to love.

1 day old:
And I will never ever forget how at the very last moment,
just as they were getting ready to be born,
when suddenly the nurse told us only ONE Grandma would be allowed in the delivery room...
Amy's mom handed the ONE package of scrubs to ME.

Turned out both us Grandmas got to be present,
but I will never forget what Karen tried to do for me.

Looking back, 3 weeks old
4 1/2 months old

And here it is, eating their first birthday cake!
Watch Téa say, "I like it" (on accident!)


Tomorrow I will tell you what happened a few hours after we got home from the birthday party!
Another reason we will never to forget April 12th.


Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

I can't believe that they are a year old already. Wow. They are so adorable. I am glad they are here too.

Can't wait to hear what happened after you got home. Hope it was okay.

Anonymous said...

PRECIOUS!! Such beautiful pictures of beautiful and amazing people.

Ammy said...

TOO CUTE!!!! I can't believe they are 1!!!

darlene said...

Wow! Has it been that long?? I love how Jonas looks like he's sucking on his cake instead of taking bites! I can spot a baby who has been nursed! And they were so patient in their high chairs! Does being a twin make you more patient?

Jill said...

Well Jonas is not always patient in his high chair :) He can be quite assertive. And yes that is what I thought too about Jonas trying to eat his cake...that he was nursing it! Amy has breast fed them both all year.

grandmapeg said...

Happy Birthday to Jonas and Téa!! I too loved the way Jonas looked like he was nursing that cupcake! And I love the fact that their brothers and sisters wrapped up toys they already had. After all, with little ones the excitement is tearing away at the wrapping paper :-)) I'm happy that Macie's eye is doing better. Thanks for sharing!

Dad and Susan said...

It totally sounded like Tea said, "I like it." after tasting her cupcake! Such cute babies. I just watched the blog of my first granddaughter's first child's first birthday. It certainly was different to see 5 brothers and sisters around the twins on their first. Adorable pictures. Jill you look so young! The more grandchildren you get the more vibrant you become! We loved this post. Love, Dad and Susan

Natalie said...

So cute! That was an amazingly generous gift Amy's mom was willing to give you. I'm glad it worked out that you were both able to be there, but wow. They are so sweet. I love that picture of you too!

Jill said...

Thank you for the compliments on that picture. The truth is I don't show the more realistic old looking ones!

Valerie said...

They were so tiny! And they're still cute. Happy birthday to them.

Mary said...

Are you sure that was on accident? I think she may just be precocious!

I'm with you, Jill--I'll take a dozen pictures hoping to find one that makes me look good enough to post!

Richard said...

Cutest twins ever!

the Rich girl said...

How fun!!

I love that big bite Jonas takes at the end.

Man, I wish we had been there.

And I can't wait to see your blog tomorrow, Jill. ;)

Kris said...

What a wonderful year it has been! They are so absolutely adorable. Happy, happy birthday to them!!

Jared and Heather said...

Nathan and I loved watching the cute video of the twins! First birthdays are so fun. I love how excited the older siblings are too! So sweet.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Two cute!

Sue said...

I have to agree that your fellow grandma is a saint to give you those scrubs. I think she has earned the "friend for life" label.