Friday, January 1, 2010

Karen, Tyler and McKay: We miss you already!!

Amazing how they can be here this morning....
And back in Provo late this afternoon.

The past 2 weeks, they did lots of this
And this:

Sorry Logan my new camera wouldn't focus your face.

And lots of this too:

And we saw lots of this:
Just how many times a day DID he talk to McKenna?
And lots of this:
And of course this:
Was McKay ever surprised when he found this present from McKenna
at the very back of the tree!

And plenty of crazy sister- in- law and brother-in-law time

And lots of visiting with Grandma and Grandpa from Arizona

It was a great, even memorable 2 weeks, despite a few glitches. We loved especially getting to know our new daughter in law Karen better. And, she is even more wonderful than we thought. What a sweet, gentle, compassionate, helpful, loving soul she is.

I told Tyler that he is good, and he deserves Karen, but I also hope he knows how lucky he is, to have her.

I never dreamed I would have 3 such wonderful daughters in law!

I have to include this last picture, showing what McKay got at our annual White Elephant exchange on Christmas Eve. He proudly wore it the next morning.


grandmapeg said...

Three words can sum this up: YOU ARE BLESSED!! You have a wonderful family and you are really blessed to have such great children and grandchildren (You already know this but it's nice to be reminded) It looks like you had a wonderful two weeks and that everybody had fun spending time with each other. Thanks for sharing your family and your holidays.

Sue said...

Looks like it was wonderful! (We got one of those head ticklers a couple of years ago, and it was an amusing hit with our family, too.)


Anonymous said...

That thing on McKay's head is called a "Happy Head". It only works if someone else uses it on you - then you just can't help but smile. Can't do it to yourself... Brooke gave me one for my birthday and we have all been happy ever since.

Dad and Susan said...

Oh Jill, What beautiful pictures! Your new camera is amazing. I thought the old one was just fine, but these show a difference.

You do have a wonderful family. It's awesome that you're able to accomodate them on special holidays, and they all enjoy each other so much.

I agree with Grandma Peg that you are very blessed.

Love, Dad and Susan

Jared and Heather said...

Love your blog! I'm McKenna's sister-in-law and we saw lots of McKenna with the phone pressed to her ear, too, LOL!

Heather Kirkpatrick

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

That is so cool they were there for 2 weeks. I am glad you all had such a great time.

Eileen said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing your Christmas!
You were Blessed to be surrounded by your family at such a special time of year, and I think it's wonderful that you feel so close to your daughters-in-law, and they are Blessed to have you too!
Great pictures! I especially liked how happy McKay looked with his gift from McKenna, so sweet!
Were you watching 'The Yule Log'? We do that every Christmas morning!
And is the tree in a pen to protect it from little hands? Adorable!

I like your idea of a White Elephant gift!
And I agree with you about how amazing it is to be in one state and then half-a-day later you can be clear across the country!

I've so enjoyed these posts, Jill! Glad I had the time to back-read here!
All the best,