Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cami surprised us

It was Elora's birthday last Thursday and Den and I went over to celebrate. Soon after arriving I took Cami's little face into my hands and looked into her eyes and said, "How are you?" And with my hands still cupped around her little face, Cami answered right back to me, "I'm fine."

I was stunned silent. Did I really hear what I think I heard?

Then Dennis said, "She said 'I'm fine!" Then Erin's Mom said she heard it too!! Erin also said, "You're right. I heard it too. I heard it! She said 'I'm fine.'

Brock had stepped out of the room so he missed those few seconds of shocking surprise after basically 4 1/2 years of silence.

Cami had been saying, "Hi" as her only word for over a year. Then last month she added, "Bye", "Da da" and "Pa." But then on her big sister's 7th birthday, she skipped right to "I'm fine."

She has said it several times since then,
but only when she wants to.

It was a happy evening. Also, because Elora turned SEVEN!
The video below is a short clip of our evening. Her great grandparents in Arizona miss their grandchildren desperately. So this is for them:


Eileen said...

Jill, this is such a heart-warming post. How wonderful for all of you. I'm sure you will carry that beautiful Cami moment with you the rest of your life.
And how sweet for Cami to surprise you with a Gift from Heaven on Elora's birthday!
Love and Prayers,

grandmapeg said...

How wonderful this is for Cami!!!! I am so happy for Cami and for all of her family!! What a surprisingly wonderful day that must have been. She seems to be making so much progress right now and I'm sure all of you are feeling so very blessed!! Elora is quite the entertainer! I love to see these video clips. A belated happy birthday wish to her! Now, my question for you Jill is, "when did Brock learn to play the guitar, or has he kept this talent hidden all of these years"? You have a wonderful family which is such a blessing! Thanks for sharing all of this.

Dad and Susan said...

Jill, your heart must be filled to overflowing. Your blog on Conference Sunday with your family, McKay and McKenna's fun video, and Cami's surprise on Elora's birthday. I can tell you're happiest when you're surrounded by family. You and Dennis are very blessed. And we LOVE to see your happiness. It adds to ours. Love, Dad and Susan

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Somebody give that girl a record deal. Elora is so good.

Your post about Cami touched my heart. She is so adorable. What she did reminded me of an Ensign article I read several years ago. A dad with a special needs son wrote it. It was called something like "Dad, I am Okay"

Mary said...

This brought tears to my eyes! It seems a block has been removed and I'm sure the words, phrases, and sentences will pour forth over the coming weeks and months and years. And Brock and Erin will never take for granted the sound of her beautiful voice the way the rest of us sometimes tend to do with our own children's easier-to-attain gifts. Go Cami!

the Rich girl said...

THAT IS SO EXCITING!! Oh my goodness!! Way to go, Camers!!!

I can't wait to hear more from this sweet girl!!

And happy birthday, Elora! Looks like you guys had a great night!


Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness! That is amazing! How exciting you would be the one she talked to first! How fun!

Kim said...

This post really touched me. I'm so happy for Brock and Erin - they have such beautiful girls!


Kris said...

What a remarkable thing to happen! That is so wonderful Sweet, sweet Cammers. And happy birthday Elora! You're growing up so quickly!