Monday, September 21, 2009

They need our prayers

Becca Leonard (the Mom pictured above) is a long time friend of ours. She had gall bladder surgery Friday night and was air lifted to UCSF on Saturday. She is not in good status.

Please pray for her and her beautiful family.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, jill, for the post concerning Rebecca and the need for prayers. She is the cousin of one of my closest friends. Everyone's prayers will be greatly appreciated!

Cindy Rutledge

grandmapeg said...

Becca and her family will be in my prayers! I remember you mentioning they were at the Thanksgiving dinners you had at Erin's parent's house. Such a cute family! Let Erin know that she too is in my prayers. I know you have said that Erin and Becca are close friends.

Eileen said...

I am adding Becca to my prayer list. I'm so sorry to read all this. Such a beautiful family, I will pray for a good outcome for them all.
God's many Blessings on them.
Love and Prayers,

Mom of 3 Boys said...

Becca and her family are in my prayers tonight.


The Gage Cage said...

I saw that Becca was on life support on FB. I emailed my old friend Lisa, Jared's sister to confirm that it was true. This was her reply and might serve as a bit of an update on Becca

Thanks for asking. Yes, she was life-flighted here Sunday morning to the ICU at UCSF Medical Center. She had liver failure when she got here and now her kidneys and brain are trying to shut down. They think she may have had a heart attack as well. It is very touch and go right now and completely unfathomable.

I flew up here as soon as Jared called yesterday. My Dad was here too and other family. Lots of loved ones for support. A neighbor in the ward is taking great care of the kids all week. We are leaving it in Father's hands...please offer a prayer for her, Jared and the kids.

Love, Lisa

The Gage Cage said...

I haven't stopped thanking Heavenly Father for today and my healthy family! I sure hope Becca will overcome this and pull through!

Lisa said...

That is really sad. I don't know them but the picture of their family sure is beautiful. Prayers are powerful & I love how everyone comes together during these times of uncertainty.