Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy milestones

They were having a race to see who would get the first tooth.
And guess what?

It's a tie!!

My grandtwins both got their 1st tooth on the same day!!
What are the chances of this??

Jonas does have a way with women, already.
They swarm around him.
Amazes me the way Amy has no problem holding both babies.
My back hurts just watching her.

Moving on to the next family...
Cam Cam is learning to feed herself. She is doing so well!


grandmapeg said...

How wonderful are these milestones!!! Jonas and Téa are already getting a first tooth each and on the same day!!! They are so cute and growing so fast! I absolutely loved the video clip of Cami!!!!!!!!!! What a sweet, sweet little girl and making so much progress, and you can hear how sweet Elora is with her. You have such cute grandchildren. Thank you so much for sharing your grandchildren!!

Kris said...

Yes, what are the chances of getting their first tooth on the same day? That is amazing! Oh, they are so cute. I just want to squeeze them.

And Cammers....what a doll. She's using a "dingle-hopper" for her food!! She is doing a great job, too. I loved watching the video. So cute that she says "hi", "pa", and "da" for her daddy. What a sweetheart.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

That is great that they both got a tooth at the same time. They are both so adorable. Seeing Amy with both babies at once doesn't just make my back hurt. It makes me tired too. What a woman.

I love the video of Cami. She is so cute. I loved how she stabbed with the fork and grabbed the food with her hand. It is so great to see the prgress she is making.

Dad and Susan said...

We loved seeing the video of Cami and darling pictures of Jonus and Tea. Time passes and they all three just keep getting more precious. Thanks for sharing. Love, Dad and Susan

Richard said...

Good thing the teeth came in the same day because I'm still not convinced you can tell them apart.

Eileen said...

Cami is doing beautifully! Is that scrambled eggs she's eating? I have trouble keeping scrambled eggs on my fork too! And I'm tempted to use my hands!
How wonderful, Jill! She's adorable! It must be so hard to keep from helping her, I wanted to jump into that video and give her a hand.
She has wonderful parents to teach her to do things on her own! I really loved this, Jill. 'Does my heart good.

And the twins! So, so beautiful! The pictures are great! And I love that they got their first tooth on the same day!
I don't know if I'm 'used' to them now, or if they are changing, but I can easily see the difference in them, where before it was hard for me. Jonas really does look like he's all boy, and Tea looks like a real little girl. Both so different, but both so beautiful!

Great post, Jill! I loved it!
All the best,

Lisa said...

I'm actually surprised the teeth came in already! Time flies doesn't it? Amy sure looks like the picture of happiness and your grandkids are the CUTEST EVER!

Mar~ said...

Oh my! Cami is the sweetest! I loved watching her in the video, what wonderful strides she has taken! I had to laugh when I saw that Kris used the word "dingle-hopper" because I thought of the same thing.

The twins are adorable and that is remarkable for them to get their teeth on the same day!