Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to raise Shy Children

I don't know who wrote this, or where exactly it came from, but I like it. I think it would be a good list to follow for all children.
Wish I could change the spelling of the last word.

I was not too good with #7.


grandmapeg said...

This is excellent! I wished I would have thought of these things when it came to two of my children that were shy. I agree with you that this is a good list for all children. Thanks for sharing!! I get so many useful tidbits from you!!!

Susan Rozier said...

I, too, think this is a great list for all children, introverts, extroverts, or normalverts. Susan

Eileen said...

Thank you, Jill, this is so timely for me!
My granddaughter Mia is very shy around strangers (she won't speak and looks down at the floor) and my daughter-in-law is trying to teach her manners and thinks it's very rude. Mia is only two, and while I do agree she should know how to behave properly, I think it's pushing it too far at such a young age. (This meddlesome mother-in-law/grandma says it's just shyness not rudeness.) Mia's not being fresh to anyone, it doesn't seem like rudeness to me at all, but I guess I am a little biased.

Well, I'm going to copy this and send it to my son and daughter-in-law anyway.
All the best,

Lisa said...

I laughed when I saw what you meant. You're a funny, funny lady Jilly! I liked this post too.