Monday, August 17, 2009

McKay and his traveling friends

Joe (he served in same mission as McKay)
Karissa (she and her 5 siblings were homeschooled until college!)
McKenna (she is trying to get into law school.)
and McKay.

McKay and McKenna
McKenna accidentally left her church clothes hanging in a hotel room near Disneyland. Luckily, my nieces live close by, and McKenna was able to borrow one of Brooke's dresses.

But I'm not sure Brooke knows about this....didn't someone say she was out of town?

The hard part is saying goodbye again.

Thank you McKay for driving the extra long hours to come see us!!!

Here's a little excerpt of Elora playing the Ungame with us.


grandmapeg said...

Looks like Elora enjoys this game. I think a lot of little girls love the idea of being a teacher. I'm glad you got to enjoy a visit with McKay and his friends.

the Rich girl said...

Elora is hilarious!! "Five boys will be fine." I love it!!

I also really like the pictures of the visitors. Everyone looks like they are having a good time.

Hope you had fun getting to know everyone.

And I'm glad that McKay and McKenna either are back in Provo now or will be soon so that Tyler and I can hang out with them, too!

Also--McKay's haircut looks very good. Props to McKenna for such an awesome job.

Dan said...

this is so funny. I love the 5 boys thing. I think that is probably as many boys as any teacher hopes for!!!

Rebecca said...

That last comment was me, REbecca, sorry I was on Dan's email, and it came up with his name....

Jill said...

Karen, you might want to tell Tyler this: I can't remember who it was but someone got a card during the game saying they could ask anyone a question. So this person asked Elora who her favorite uncle was? Of course we all thought she would say, "McKay" being he was right there, but no, she said, "Tyler."

Lisa said...

Looks like a great bunch! You're surrounded by such wonderful people & that to meis pure joy. Elora is always so dang cute & I love her confidence.

Richard said...

For some reason I was expecting 4 guys traveling together. This actually looks like much more fun.

Eileen said...

Well, Elora really knows EXACTLY what she wants! This was so cute and I love her air of confidence! You really captured her spirit with this question! Beautiful!

And, Jill, you have a wonderful family and they in turn seem to have wonderful friends! I love that you all got together for this game. Everything just feels so joyful. I'm glad I stopped in, it really lifted my spirits!
All the best,

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

I'm with Richard. I thought it was going to be 4 guys too. Anything serious here?

You got to love that Brooke. That was so nice of her to loan out her dress and she wasn't even here.

Elora is so cute. I LOVE that she wants to be a teacher. She will be great at it. I don't agree with her on the boy part. I much prefer(SP) having boys in my class to girls. The girls are way too emotional etc.

McKay said...

Thanks so much mom for everything! McKenna says thank you so much and she loves your blog. Peace!