Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our 5 day weekend

We had to say goodbye, once again, to Tyler and Karen. They headed back yesterday to Provo.
Such a great visit. Lots of family time.
And baby time.

3 of my sons were there.
McKay has been in Denver all week at a Math convention.
Here he is giving a speech on "American retail options."
He sent me also this picture...but McKay, isn't this from last month when you were in St. Louis? He has plans to go to China in December. Who knew math graduates go to Math conventions all over the world?
Lots of pool time
Karen and Tyler's unique way of swimming. She floated on her back while he would pull her with his feet. Hey, whatever works.
Tyler would take time out to try to get the tree in his mouth. Not sure what that was about.
So Amy comes over with Logan on Monday evening, looks up at the fireplace mantle, and says in her very sweet soft voice, with her always polite smile,
"Why do you have those Christmas decorations up?" Just the way she carefully asked me as if not to offend, made me laugh. I explained that I'm trying to teach Cami to say, "ho ho" since she has mastered "hi".

Cami is fascinated by the babies.
She also likes Austin's electronics
Elora trying to figure out what she wants on the menu.
Cami loving being at a restaurant.

After our restaurant adventure at Salsas, we came home to enjoy the last part of Karen and Tyler's wedding cake.
Amy spent much of her weekend feeding babies while Logan slept off the night shift.

Tyler played Sorry with Elora. This seems to be her favorite game right now.
Got to watch Téa take her nightly bath.

Fun having Karen and Tyler with us at church.

Also got to see my dear friend Ammy Moore with her husband and DARLING girls, Josey and Hannah, visiting from Colorado.
Exciting welcoming Elora back from her Hunington Beach run.

She brought home surprises for her family.

Thank you Karen and Tyler for driving 24 hours round trip to see us all. We loved every minute of it.

I had some really cute pictures of Amy's kids to show but somehow they got deleted off her camera card. Hopefully they are still on her computer which is not cooperating right now. If we can figure out a way to restore them, I will show them on another post.

I need to go take a nap now. Tonight I get to take care of the twins for 4 1/2 hours while Logan takes Amy out for her birthday! Can hardly wait!!


Rebecca said...

What fun pictures. I love seeing how the babies and kids are growing.

grandmapeg said...

Thanks for sharing all of your fun days with us. I would comment on each and every picture but it would take up too much space, so I'll just say they are all fantastic pictures and show what a fun loving family you guys are. I'm glad Tyler and Karen got to visit. What troopers they are for such a long drive for so short a time but I know everybody was glad they came. You have a really cute family!!!!

James and Kresta said...

Wow, what a great week. You have such a wonderful family! Is Amy's birthday today? I saw her at the dentist office (I didn't realize it was her until l had left), that would be a horrible way to celebrate a birthday!

Dad and Susan said...

We always love these blogs with pictures of the family. It was great to see Tyler again. Sorry Karen, you were napping. What a fun trip to Salsas. Loved all the pictures. What a busy life you live! Love, Dad and Susan

Eileen said...

What a joy!
I love visiting here, it's always so positive.
The family is beautiful (inside and out!), thanks for posting all the pictures and sharing the visit. I think it's great the way the little ones seem so good with each other too. I can see they have good examples! Glad you got to enjoy this time with your family.
Have fun with the twins!
Great post!
All the best,

Lisa said...

Nice reflection & enjoyed seeing the pics. Your family looks so happy. Those twins are so perfectly beautiful. Have you ever seen such perfect features & such sweet countenance's? Cami & Elora are as cute as ever!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Thanks for all the pictures. Love them. Looks like you had fun.

Mar~ said...

How nice that you could spend time with Karen and Tyler. I was hoping to see them while I was taking care of my grandma in the hospital. I hope they are doing well.
Thanks for allowing me to visit your blog and thanks a bunch for all of your nice comments on mine.