Friday, July 17, 2009

Kylie and Chandler

Born just 13 months apart, we celebrated their birthdays together this week by taking them to Red Robin. I asked them how their lives have changed since the babies have been born just 3 months ago. They both agreed that their family has always been a good one, but since the twins have come, it's only gotten better. Kylie explained, "We don't fight as much because we have more to do now. We get to take care of the babies, and protect them, and look after them, and it's made our family better."

I think they feel the happiness of both Amy and Logan, and then it spills out to them.

We went back to their home after dinner and Chandler showed us something he built with his legos. He's 11 now.
Then we took a tour of Kylie's room for the blog, since we had shown Chandler's several month's back.

As soon as we enter, we see these darling name plates given to them by Grandma Susan last Christmas.

On the other side of the door, is a place for the girls to hang their robes.

Grandma Karen gave each girl her own box for special items.

Here's a close up of Laurynn's box

The drawers underneath is actually another bed to pull out
And next is the doll center. Which I suspect stays untouched these days being they have the real thing now.

Their photo center

Their cutsie center

And most important, their door signs.

On the way home Kylie started talking about girl's camp. How she had a big sister named Heather. How Heather taught her to be a better big sister. Kylie told us, "Heather didn't teach me how to be a better big sister by telling me what to do. But she taught me by showing me, by being a big sister to me. I don't have a big sister, so I didn't really know how to be one. But now I feel like I do. "

Thank you Heather, whoever you are.

I wish I knew who she was. I'd like her to know what an impression she made on our granddaughter.


Sandi said...

Wow - cute room and SO clean. Go Amy - she's a great mom!

grandmapeg said...

Jill...cute pics of Kylie and Chandler and the girls' room is decorated so cute!! Amy really has a talent for decorating!! It sounds like you had a fun time at dinner with them. You are one of the funnest grandmas I know! Thanks for sharing!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Such a cute post. It made me smile. Love their room. So bright and cheery. Do you think Amy could come to my house??? Are you sure Kylie is only 12? She seems more like 20. She has a good head on her shoulders.

Jill said...

That's just what I thought Karen. She is so mature, and really has an appreciation for her life and her family. When I asked her how her birthday was, she said something like this, "How could it not be good? I had my family with me."

Rebecca said...

What a sweet room. I love it! I miss my girls being little....

Sue said...

For some reason, this one made me tear up. I'm just emotional today, but all that sister stuff really gets me. (I am one of four sisters myself!)

The room is absolutely darling.


Eileen said...

Really sweet post, Jill.
Makes me realize that this is what life is all about. The little special moments shared with loved ones, the realization that young ones are so wise, and the joy that fills your heart from a smile, a look, a hug, a squeeze of the hand, or a sign hanging on the doorknob.

Nice post, Jill, thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

Now...those are some great kids with real neat personalities!

Legos are the best toys in the world! I love seeing the things the kids make with 'em.

If I know you...I'm sure you'll find Heather. Nice Birthday tradition that ya'll have just being together on a grandma/pa honey date! LOVE THAT!!!

Mar~ said...

Your grandchildren are absolutely darling. How wonderful that you are able to spend such quality time with them.