Friday, July 24, 2009

Couldn't resist these pictures.

If you are not a Family Camp fan, then come back to my blog tomorrow.

If you do want to see more, check these out...

This one is not posed at all.
Logan was trying to eat his corn but Jonas' head was in the way, so Amy stopped eating her dinner to hold down Jonas' head. To me, this is soooooooo Amy....always thinking of others before herself.
Day 4 of camp and the kids just keep getting dirtier. I hardly recognize Rivy.

My nephew Jake with his girlfriend Katie Cleveland.
My sister Peggy next to Jake.
Fun to have my 3 brothers in one photo.
Of course Chris is my 4th brother but he's no longer with us.
Scott, John, and Richard

Natalie was trying to get them all posed for a picture of Logan and Amy's family.
Turns out she liked this one the best!

OH and had to include this one. The classic meal line up.
Hailey's Chickie grandma painted faces for 6 hours straight yesterday!
So this one is for Jason. Hope you recognize your little girl.

My niece Natalie with Macie.
Thanks Nat for taking all the above pictures!!


Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Love all the pictures. That one of Robin is a classic Robin pose.

Eileen said...

These were great! Logan eating his corn over Jonas head had me laughing out loud!
Your family is all so nice looking! And the young ones all look like they should be in movies, magazine covers, or on TV!
Such happy family pictures! I can't get enough!
And I agree with Natalie, I like the unposed picture of Logan and Amy's family, especially seeing the young ones with the twins, does my heart good!
All the best,

Dad and Susan said...

Priceless! We love all these. You're the best chronicle-er! Love, Dad and Susan

grandmapeg said...

Does Logan wear that hat while he is tending to their garden?? He looks like such a farmer :-) The group sure look like they are having fun. This is such a fun family tradition that I'm sure it will continue on for many years. Did Brock and Erin not go up this year? Thanks for sharing more pictures! I love seeing them!

Lisa said...

Fun & Funny Pictures. I thought the Logan family pick was a classic pic to load! The whole family camp looks like one big AWESOME MEMORY.

Anonymous said...

You can never post too many family camp pictures! Natalie did a great job with these.