Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kris has not seen a real face in days

Everyone who comes in her room has to be masked.
She's still very sick, but doing better.
Still in the hospital.

Kris and Kim are thinking of making T shirts that say,
"I Kissed a Pig and Lived"
"I May Have Swine Flu
but Swine Flu Doesn't Have Me"

All her flu tests have come back negative, except for swine flu and one other...they are still waiting for those results. Hopefully tomorrow.

Actually Kris' doctor really thinks she may have a virus that Mike may have brought home from China or Hong Kong. He was there recently on business.

Sorry, I don't have any pictures. Kris doesn't exactly want the camera in her room right now :)

btw, Kim used her iPhone to read my post yesterday to Kris. She appreciated all your comments! Kris also thanks you very much for your prayers!


Brock said...

Only Kim and Kris would find a way to laugh and have fun in a situation like this! I soooo want to be just like them when I grow up!!!! Feel better Kris we are praying for you!

Lisa said...

Something that really shines through in this unfortunate illness comes the blessing of our treasured relationships growing ten-fold.

It's like all the elements of the Savior's Love comes through from the support, kindness, loving care, & gratitude.

Those girls sure are cute!

Mar~ said...

I have some turquoise masks left over from the reception! :)

Those girls are so sweet, I hope that she feels better very soon!

Eileen said...

Lots of love and a sense of humor! Perfection!
What more could a family ask for?

I admire you all so much!
Love and Prayers,

Logan and Amy Heasley said...

I sure hope Kris starts feeling better real soon! Its not fun being in the hospital and especially being away from your family. I will pray for you Kris. Hang in there:)

grandmapeg said...

Well, at least Kris is showing a little sense of humor with this I like the T Shirt idea :-) I hope she continues to improve, and the rest of the family members also. They are in my prayers.

Eileen said...

I'm back just because I keep forgetting to tell you how much I love the new look of your blog!
Very classy!
The colors are beautiful!

'Hope everyone is coming along okay!

Jill said...

Well thank you Eileen. I wasn't sure about it so I keep changing my mind. That was nice of you to say.

Lisa said...

I LOVE this new blog look too! Very cool.