Sunday, May 16, 2010

Well that's one way to clean the fridge!

Amy said,  "I couldn't make them stop because they were having such a good time." 


Susan Rozier said...

Ohmigoodness! Is Amy a saint or what?! The kids may remind me of my toddlers, but the mother's voice definitely does not remind me of mine. Sad to say. Kudos to self restraint and soft spokedness. Love, Susan

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Ditto to what Susan said. Wow. Can they come over and help clean out my frig?

Anonymous said...

Time for a latch on the fridge!
It's interesting. By my fifth child, there was almost nothing he could do that could get me upset. Everything was just ADORABLE baby behavior that would pass too quickly.

grandmapeg said...

They certainly can get into mischief and Amy seems to just go with the flow :-) Something tells me she isn't using the soft spoken voice just because she is on camera but she must be like that all of the time..very easy going. I want to be like her when I grow up!

Jill said...

You are right, she is like that all the time. She reminds me of my mother in many ways.

Richard said...

I gotta say, other than the Hersheys syrup, that's a healthy eating family.

darlene said...

By the way, "anonymous" was me, Darlene.
Amy does awfully well with twins, I must say!

Jill said...

I figure it was you Darlene since you were talking about your 5th baby. Oh those were the good days! Life doesn't get better than this.

Amy says she has her bad days but we have never seen them! I always hear her talking just like she does on this video.

Anonymous said...

The Hershey's surup was prescribed by their pediatrician since its the only way Jonas will drink milk. Apparently he needs more gerth.


Vicky said...

The twins are just beautiful. My youngest used to climb into our fridge and get stuff out. Don't think I've ever commented before but couldn't resist today.

Austin said...

I appreciate everyones kind comments. But I do have to clarify that I do get fraustrated and inpatient. I am so much more patient with the twins then I was when my older kids were younger. It seems that with age, I become more patient. I do need to work on being more patient with my older kids! I just had to let everyone know that I am normal, I have my good days and I have my bad days and I have so much to work on. Come live with me for a couple days and you will probably have a new perspective of me :)


Austin said...

I just realized I commented under my son Austins account. So the last comment was from me ( Amy Heasley) :)

Eileen said...

I tried to comment on your 'This Is The Way I Was Raised' post but I got an error message. That was a beautiful post, and you were raised in such a loving environment!

I got such a kick out of this refrigerator post! And my grandson Jayden was here and he could not stop giggling over the twins! They are adorable!

I also read the post about the sick Subway clerk, and, NO I would NOT eat the sandwich either! I would have done exactly what you did or I would have went hungry!

I didn't see Last Song, but I did hear good things about it, I'm anxious to see now if I agree with you or with Dennis!

And it was Divine Inspiration that led you to the name McKay! McKenna and McKay ~ perfect!
And I love how it took you years to name one and the other you knew even before he was born!

With my youngest son we had chosen the name 'Andrew' if it was a boy, but then the last few months we had changed to 'William', and then in the hospital, in labor, I turned to Ray and said, "I think the baby is an 'Andrew'" and he said, "That's fine, I like it!"
When my daughter was having my grandson she was going to name him 'Marcellino' and I started thinking of him as Marcellino, so when she changed to 'Jayden' in the last month I was a little disappointed, but when he came out I saw that he was indeed a perfect Jayden! (Jayden Marcellino that is!).

Take care, Jill! It was nice visiting here and catching up with you!
God Bless the engaged couple!
All the best,

Sue said...

They are such a cute pair, aren't they?


Lisa said...