Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wish we could have an update

Jason, Hailey, Robin, Natalie

I wish I could give an update of my niece Robin in heaven. If I could, I would, complete with pictures.

32 years ago, just as Robin was getting ready to be born, her doctor had to leave into another room for a few minutes to deliver a baby named Christopher. Then he came back into Wendy's room and delivered Robin. So the doctor said, "Christopher Robin!"

Two years later a little boy named Christopher and his family moved into the house across the street from us. When I met this family that same day, and learned his name was Christopher, I actually thought to myself, 'Could this be the same Christopher who was born at the same time as Robin?

Crazy thought. Christopher was a very popular and common name at the time. And Fresno, where we lived then, had about 489,000 people. (I know, I just checked the stats for that year.) What were the chances this baby would move in across the street from us?

Then when I learned Christopher's birthday was April 4th, I actually asked Fran, his mom, "Was a little baby named Robin born at the same time as your son?"

I'll never forget the odd look on Fran's face. Remember, she did not know me, we just had barely met minutes before. She sort of stepped back, and said, "YES! HOW did you know??"

One of those crazy moments of life.

Christopher and Brock grew up close buddies for the 11 years we lived in that neighborhood.

I always reminisce about my sons birthdays on their special day. I can't help it. Those were the 4 most significant days of my life. I know Wendy is doing the same today. So is Richard.

Robin changed us all. No matter what kind of a day I have now, it is a good one. She taught me to appreciate every single day. She wanted to live. She wanted to raise Hailey and watch her grow up. She once said she wanted to be here so badly for Hailey's first prom, that she "could practically taste it."

We don't know why she could not stay. I can't even begin to guess. Someday we will know. I do know that.

If you are new to my blog, you might want to click below and see a slide show of Robin and her family.

It has almost been a year since she passed from this life into the next.

Somehow, I feel she is close by. A mother can not be far from her daughter. It is such a sacred calling to be a Mom. It doesn't just end with the end of this life.

We all miss you, Robin.


grandmapeg said...

This is a nice tribute to Robin...and what a coincidence that the little baby Christopher would eventually move across the street from you! I'm sure Robin is not far from Hailey, and from what you have told us about Robin, she is an example to everyone of courage and living each day to the fullest. Thanks for the reminder.

Lisa said...

Those were very lovely and poignant reflection of Robin. I thought Conference today was interesting as it spoke so much of death and the eternal promises and blessings for those who lose loved ones. It would be neat to know what shes doing now. Happy birthday Robin.

Richard said...

Thank you!! I am not sentimental about dates (I thought) but I have been weepy all day....Conference has been very helpful and timely today.

Krista Gage said...

What a wonderful post. I believe the same way you do about parenting from the other side of the veil. I don't dare underestimate the influence she can have from where she is....Robins death effected me in a way I didn't expect. I wish her husband and daughter the best. I really can't even imagine... It will be so nice when the day comes that we receive the "whys'" ...

Mary said...

One of today's conference speakers gave one of the clearest descriptions I've ever heard of Paradise and what spirits do there. I like to think of my loved ones there, enjoying that peace and still loving those they left behind. I believe sometimes they can help and influence us more from there than they could have if still on the earth. Of course they can and do, love is eternal!

whittle sticks said...

I too would like to see a picture update of Robin, I know for sure that she is scrapbooking up there.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I don't know how I missed this post yesterday. What wonderful way to express your love for Robin, by remembering her in this way. I send my love to Richard and Wendy and Robin's entire family. xxxooo

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

This was nice. I hope she is doing well in Heaven. She has probably got everybody smiling and making to do lists.