Friday, April 2, 2010

Well, I tried

We took our grandchildren, Austin and Macie, out for their birthday dinners.
Going into the restaurant, a good picture, no problem.

Then, what happened?

Was it bad karma?

Austin really was trying to be cooperative.  That's why these pictures make no sense.
Dennis kept saying,  "You have enough," and I kept saying, "Trust me, I don't."
Sometimes you've just got to go with what you've got, right?
I finally asked the waitress to be in the picture.  She obviously brought us good luck. 

The luck did not last.  Look what happened when we brought them home, and I took pictures of the babies.
I think Téa was startled by the sudden flash.
She prefers the more natural light.

For a reminder that Austin really is a good looking kid after all, go here. 


grandmapeg said...

I love Red Robin restaurants! The pictures were cute but definitely off just a little with Austin's expressions. I love Téa's she is so startled that she is 'holding on for dear life' to Jonas. Happy Birthday to Austin and Macie.

Mom of 3 Boys said...

How Fun! Especially since they were trying to be cooperative.

OT--I don't like the dark green background. It makes the test really hard to see....although the pictures really pop off the page.

I hope you have a very happy Birthday and enjoy the easter holiday with your family.

Mama Pea said...

LOL! Hilarious. We have one picture of our whole family on our Hawaiian trip, and Gigi has her hands over her face. Still, it's the cover of our scrapbook :)

Happy Easter!

Mary said...

I love these kinds of pictures--they're so honest! I'm the worst about wanting to pose everyone and have them all look just so, but in reality it's the goofy shots that make us laugh and we look at over and over. Austin and Macie are still good-looking, even when wearing their silly faces!

Jill said...

Cynthia...Is the lighter green any better? Or should I just go back to white? I really appreciate the feedback.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

I LOVE this pictures. Especially the one of Tea. Did she finally realized what she was looking at?
That Macie is so pretty and Austin is so handsome.

Mom of 3 Boys said...

lighter green is much better! I like it! Green is my middle boy's favorite color.

Valerie said...

You are such a fun grandma! Your grandson reminds me of my son a little. Happy birthday to them!

Natalie said...

yes, some days pictures are just doomed to failure=) But I like those ones the best really (when I'm not the one trying to get a good shot, of course). Your grandchildren are so cute, even when they are less than picture perfect.

Lisa said...

You don't need perfect pictures to know that Austin is handsome. His facial features are striking and what good skin he has! Dennis is so funny too. "You have enough pics.." And your response is so classic JIll. LOVE YOU ALL!