Monday, April 12, 2010

The dangers of having a little brother

Less than 40 seconds.
But I wanted you to see how Jonas is trying to dance and sing while his parents both sing to him.

Watch closely and you will see Macie walking by with her injury from  Jonas.
(He hit her in the eye.)
He does not know his own strength (nor does he care yet).
But he will someday.  Just as soon as the empathy quality kicks in. 

Poor Macie, trying to sleep off the pain.


Lisa said...

Poor girl...that looks so awful. I hurt just looking at Macie. I never quite saw what happened except I saw Macie run off.

Saw the Tea clip too with the Jonas and both are soo so cute! Funny kid. I can't wait (and wait I will) until I get some grandkids!

Susan Rozier said...

Did Jonas sock her in the eye? What happened. I kept waiting for it to show in the video--silly me. I'm sure you'd be there with a camera when the "whatever it was" happened. Cute picture and video. Love, Susan

Jill said...

I'm sorry I didn't explain better. Jonas hit Macie in the eye, scraping her least I think that is how Logan explained it.

grandmapeg said...

Jonas is just plain cute!!! But poor Macie. I once scraped my cornea and it isn't fun. I hope she gets feeling better soon.

Mary said...

I've had the type of eye injury before, too. Not much fun, poor Macie!

Toddlers are such fun! And I can never get over what a mature look Jonas has. I can clearly imagine him as an adult!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

You guys should go on the road. He was so cute trying to sing. Almost there.

Poor Macie. I hope she is okay. The same thing happened to my principal's eye. It was a mess for a while.

the Rich girl said...

It's true. My nieces and nephews are the cutest in the whole world. (Even when they injure each other.)

Poor Macie! I hope her eye heals quickly.

I thought I heard once that the eye is the part of your body that heals the fastest? But maybe if it's your cornea it's different.

Mm. I just remembered. I think it's simply that a stye is the easiest malady to remedy.

Something like this.

Anyway, get better soon, Macie!

Kris said...

Oh, he is just too cute!!!! I love seeing Logan in the back singing as well! Nice job Dad! :)

Poor Macie! Hope your eye gets better soon!

Dennis said...

Jonas was actually watching Grandpa sing...and loving it.


Sue said...

Oh, poor girl. I feel so sorry for her! (Those scraped corneas sting like crazy, but they do heal quickly, so that's good at least.)