Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A surprise phone call

Dennis called me yesterday from work, as he often does and said,  "Jonas called me today."

I'm thinking, Jonas, Jonas who?  The only Jonas I know is our 11 month old grandson.


"Yes", he said,  "Jonas."

Den said he looked at his phone and saw it was Amy.  But all he heard was,  "AHH.  uhhh,  OHH"

Those are Jonas' words.  Definitely not Téa.

I think Jonas was calling to say that he misses his Daddy and wishes he would come home from his 4 day motorcycle adventure.  He doesn't want his Grandma Honey to worry any more.  He wants her to be able to sleep at night.  That would be nice.

Life was sure easier when Jonas' Daddy looked like this:

1985...Do they do even do photos like this anymore?

When I emailed Amy to tell her Jonas called, here was her response,
"What time did he call? And was it Dad's cell number? Did Jonas talk to him? I had no idea he did that. How funny..."
Gotta love one touch dial! 


Lisa said...

I like Amy's ease in minute to minute stuff.

YOu sure looked YOUNG in that picture. I cannot BELIEVE that Jonas and Tea are almost ONE!!! WOW time flies, huh?

I wish I was with Lgoan! Love those cycle trips! Next time he'll have to take Amy with him right? Give the grandkids to you and everyone will be happy!

grandmapeg said...

I left a comment earlier but it has disappeared, so I'll try again. Your pictures are cute, especially the one of you and Logan. Jonas just gets cuter every day. I know our elementary school doesn't do those kinds of pictures like Logan's, anymore. I really loved them when my kids were in school. And what a hoot for Dennis to get that call! You're right...you gotta love the one touch dial.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Jonas can call me anytime. That is so sweet that he wanted to talk to Grandpa.

I love all of the pictures.

Mar~ said...

The photo of Jonas is really cute! The photo of you with his daddy is also very cute!
I too can't believe they are nearly one; seems such a short time ago that I was there for Karen and Tyler's wedding!

Mar~ said...

Oh, and I really like all of the photos of your family on the sidebar of your blog! Really nice!

Rebecca said...

That is so cute! Stockton called me once!! I love your hair Jill, I think I had that very same hairdo!!

Tyler said...

Jonas likes phones, then? At least someone does. I don't know if I ever liked to talk on the phone, but I sure don't prefer it now.

By the way, Mom, I sent you an email.

Susan Rozier said...

This is SUCH a coincidence! Today my little 2 year old granddaughter inadvertently pushed the speed dial on her mom's phone and got me. She yelled into the phone, "Mom, mom," and then started crying. Of course it was my daughter's name on my phone's display so I thought it was her. For a split second there I thought I was getting an emergency and panicky call from my daughter and my heart sunk. Soon I recognized the crying and realized what had happened. A later call confirmed my suspicions and Dawnie knew nothing about it!


The pictures are precious.

Love, Susan

Heather Anderson said...

I've gotten calls from my grandchildren like that, too. Funny.


PS. And, now, I don't think they too pictures like that any more. (But I have a few!) heehee

Kris said...

That picture of Jonas is absolutely to die for. What a sweet, sweet face. I love that he called on the phone! How cute!