Sunday, March 29, 2009

He will be a married man in 33 days. Yikes!

I hope Karen, my very-near-future-daughter-in-law does not mind me putting these pictures on my blog tonight. I found them on her blog, and could not resist.

I just wish Karen were in the pictures, too.
Then they would be perfect.They say brides have a glow. I think these pictures prove that grooms do, too!
Oh wait, I found this one.
I'm beginning to feel like a thief. Oh what a beautiful bride she will be.


Kris said...

She IS going to be a beautiful bride...and Tyler most handsome. I am so thrilled that we will be flying out there for the big event!

Rue said...

Hi Jill :)

I just finished catching up with you or I should say all the events LOL It seems like your family is always having a wonderful time and it's quite enjoyable to watch.. um er.. read ;)


grandmapeg said...

Cute pictures! Is that strawberry shortcake Tyler is fixing? He likes to stack it high but it looks delicious!

Lisa said...

I'll tell you what everyone tells me when I feel like thief. You're taking it from a public domain on the world wide web. I guess that's supposed to make us feel ok about it. As a fellow thief, I would have put those on my blog too! Very GORGEOUS couple.

Only downside to this union for me is...I'll be at my niece's union at the San Diego Temple. You told me Tyler had the same sealing date. Regardless, both sealings will be BEAUTIFUL and a WONDERFU DAY indeed!

Jill said...

Kris, I too am so excited you are too!!!
Rue... I know this is a very hard month for you and I hope it gets easier over time. BTW, I've renamed your blog on my google, "Beautiful decorating."
Lisa...I'm going to REALLY miss you that night, but I sure do understand.
And Peggy, yes he does stack it high. I think he learned this from his mother. I put tons of strawberries on when I make it with very little cake.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

They are so cute huh? I can't wait for the wedding. I am invited aren't I ? I hope so.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Indeed, Karen will be a gorgeous bride!