Friday, February 27, 2009

What doctors recommended in 1949

This is so ridiculously sad.

My good friend Darlene put this on her blog yesterday. You may have noticed her comments on some of my posts. She has raised 5 sons, and is now a childbirth teacher. Very smart lady.

This was an advertisement back in 1949...the year Dennis was born!


Rue said...

Hi Jill :)

I found that amusing, because my mom said that when she gave birth to me in 69 that the doctors smoked in the hospital. Times have certainly changed. They just didn't know any better.

Thank you for all the sweet comments on my blog :)


Lisa said...

We've come a long way since then, huh? It is pretty pathetic on the manufacturers part since it is known that cigarette companies KNEW without a shadow of a doubt that smoking is a real hazard to health.

However, when they did the "numbers" they realized that the lawsuits and bad publicity, etc. was worth putting the public at risk.

Advertisements....BIG BUCKS there & BIG BUCKS in addiction too!

The lady at the end...she looked so insincere and devious it was hard to take her seriously

The Vintage Housewife... said...

i wanted to thank you for your heart and your prayers...what a blessing kitten...have a great

Mary said...

Even in the '60s I can remember ads that made smoking seem so glamorous and desirable. Both my parents smoked heavily until I was 13, so I saw up close how glamorous it was NOT! Having to wash ash trays when I did the dishes every night--gross! Plus I saw how my mom suffered every time she tried to quit. I never felt tempted to pick up a cigarette, even in those days.

Now I tell my kids this about ALL addicting substances (even caffeinated drinks): if you never start you never have to stop!

Dennis said...

No wonder I was born coughing. Of course, at that age, I preferred Marlboros ;)


Anonymous said...

hey so whats the news on the free chairs?????????


darlene said...

Things haven't changed that much. The doctors are STILL being "bought" by the drug companies.