Thursday, February 19, 2009

Silence is Golden

Tuesday afternoon I was shopping at Trader Joes. A song from the 60s came on (TJs has the best music!) and I thought..."I need to think of a reason to put that song on my blog. " I wrote the song down in my Daytimer so I wouldn't forget.

So it was later on that night that I went to that youth dance and hurt my ear drum from the too-loud-for-me music. (BTW, I am SO much better today!)

I had forgotten all about that song until today.
Guess what the name of it was?
"Silence is Golden"
Must have been a sign!

It's worth it just to see the guy with the short pants.
What's up with that?!!!!

Reminds me of pants my brother Richard wore,
pulled up to his chest.


Lisa said...

It's 1:30 am so I can't listen to these songs, but will first thing after everyone wakes up. You know me...LOUD is the only way I can hear!

Funny post. You'll have to give us the LO DOWN on that dance. I didn't know about it, but imagine that you & Anna & the other leaders had a lot of work to get that one off the ground. My husband LOVES the Youth in our ward. He is always in "awe" of their goodness and character. Lucky you guys to work with them during this season of life!

PS: I heard I am now taking over your 11 year old class. I'm excited about this. Should be fun. I hope I don't bore them to tears. : )

grandmapeg said...

What is up with those shorts??? It looks like he might be dressed for a workout at the gym right after the concert :-) But...I do love this song!!! I'm glad to hear that your ear is doing much better!!

Mary said...

Funny! Those guys must be brothers. It's an odd thought, but I kept thinking all they needed were Federation uniforms and Spock ears and they'd fit right in at a Star Trek convention!

Dad and Susan said...

Times have changed--not only the location of men's "belts," but the music too. Enjoyed this a lot! Love, Dad and Susan

Dennis said...

Great song. I actually think that the 2nd video is just them lip-synching the original. They sound too much alike.
The shorts are just too funny.


Richard said...

Is that Brad Pitt you're holding hands with? Those were the days when a man could dress like a man and wear his pants nice and high!

lindsay lark said...

My dad would still wear his pants like that if we let him. He swears that's where his waist is.