Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh how I miss this man

Dennis left last Friday morning for Utah.
After some time with McKay and Tyler in Provo,
he drove up to Logan, Utah to see his girls and their families.

Here's a few pictures his daughter, Kris, sent me this morning.

Only hours to go till I get to see him again!

Here he's lovin' little cutie Rachel.
What is Jacob holding?

Good looks run in this family and it all starts with Grandpa.
Walking to meet Jacob at the bus stop this afternoon.


Kris said...

Hey Jill! I'm glad you like the pictures! We have sure loved being able to spend some time with him this weekend.

Jacob is holding his poster for the 100th day celebration at school. A few days ago, it became the "100th day of School" and so he had to make a poster with 100 items glued on it. Being the "thinker" I am (ha, ha), I took him to the Dollar store and we bought a 100-piece puzzle and then put it together. ;)

Kris said...

BTW, I should mention that as much as I know he loves seeing us, I think he's pretty anxious to come home, too! I know he misses you! ;)

Chris Bliss said...

Cute post!

-Thanks for your comments! It was Pangea Restauraunt in Fig Garden!! :( It was a really nice restauraunt!

Rebecca said...

fun! I am sure you will be happy to see him again. They have more snow than we do, it looks like!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

How come you didn't go? Were you not invited? Ha Ha. I would drop everthing to go to Salt Lake/Utah. I love it there.

grandmapeg said...

Dennis looks like he is having lots of fun...even in the snow. It's always great to get these husbands home from trips, so I know how you feel!!

Dad and Susan said...

What a thrill for Dennis to see those darling little grandkids and his beautiful daughters! And what a treat for them to see their doting Grandpa and to have him all to themselves! I'm sure you'll both appreciate your reunion. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, etc.

Love, Dad and Susan

Brock said...

I miss Dennis!!! I wish we ALL lived in the same place so we could all be together all the time.


Lisa said...

That is way too cute. I'm with Erin. I think family and friends should all be in the same place! You married a great man Jill! I noticed Rachel has Dennis's eyes. How interesting to see that! now he should be home. I don't know how I missed these last two posts. I ck. your blog aot in one day. Hmmm....Well..have a great week!