Thursday, February 19, 2009

The nursery

Seeing this picture does something to me.
TWO cribs!
Oh my, this is really going to happen!
Closeups of the beautiful artworkThis was all done freehand by this great friend of theirs, Todd.A few years ago Amy met Todd's wife at the gym where they would both work out.
They soon discovered they were the same age.
Marianne was pregnant and Amy so wanted to be pregnant.

Plus, interestingly they had similar backgrounds.
Todd's first wife died of breast cancer which left him alone to raise their 5 children.
...that is, until he met and married Marianne.
Where as Amy was alone with 5 children, and then met and married my son Logan.

More pictures of the room:

Chandler and Macie trying out the rocker.
I think Amy sits in this rocker and dreams of her babies.
Am I right, Amy?
See how nicely their bedroom flows into the twins' room?
What a blessing to have this bonus room,
just waiting for the babies.

Later on down the hall...I stopped in to say hi to Kylie.
Laurynn did not want her picture taken so just her gorgeous hair this time.

Can't forget Amy.
30 weeks, 8 to go.
Good news at her Dr appt yesterday...
the babies both still have their heads down!!
Amy's rule chart of survival posted in the kitchen.
It must be working because she has GOOD children.


Anonymous said...

since when is monking around a bad thing? Who in this family has a problem with monks? what are they teaching their children?

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is I have a brother who is a world class artist and I have to hire out to have some flowers and a bunny painted on my wall!


Anonymous said...

All you had to do was give me a call! I would have painted all the flowers, bunnies and even thistles you wanted?!?!


Anonymous said...

Oh now you say it. Why can't our family just have some open lines of communication once in a while like normal people?


Anonymous said...

I refuse to stoop to such a level as to attempt speaking to people face to face. I seem to be getting by in life just fine by doing all of my business through comments on other people's blogs.


grandmapeg said...

First of all...I got a kick out of Brock and Logan's bantering :-) It sounds like my boys! The nursery is gorgeous!! It makes it all seem real that pretty soon there are going to be twin babies there! I am so excited for them all. Thanks for sharing all of this. On a side note...I hope your ear pain has subsided!

darlene said...

I don't get the "tickets". They get tickets for breaking the rules, but they get treats for a certain # of tickets? Just wondering.
hope you are better Jill!

Mom of 3 Boys said...

As a mom of young kids I vote for a post explaining Amy's Rules and ticket system. *grin* I can hope can't I? Also can we have a better close up of the bottom part of the chart? *grin*

Cynthia (a mommy who is looking for anything that works)

Jill said...

Cynthia...If you click on the chart, you can read the bottom of it better as everything will enlarge.

Darlene...I'm not sure, but I think on the bottom left of the chart if they do those things that many tickets will be taken away.

Amy has a very very close relationship with all her children. They all absolutely adore her. She is always very kind and respectful to them, and they are to her in return. I think that's her real secret.

Jill said...

One thing I forgot to soon as they decide on names, they are going to have them written above each crib.

Dad and Susan said...

Love the room! What a talented friend. I don't understand the tickets either. Your explanation didn't clear it up for me. Since we're training children (forgive me for this), the chart should be changed to read: "you're asked" instead of "your asked." It's the editor in me! Sorry.

Love, Dad and Susan

Lisa said...

Amy always floors me in how beautiful she looks. I get jealous that despite the babies growing inside her the rest of her is completely stick figure. How does she do that? She will no doubt bounce back when these twins come.

This whole experience has been a joy and privilege to watch (thanks to your blog) and they have INCREDIBLE taste in decorating. LOVE EVERYTHING about the twins rooms. They're just going to go from one womb to a another room! Hahaha... Get it? Both wonders in themselves!

Jill said...

I'm sure Amy just wrote that all in a hurry. With 5 kids, I think time is THE thing. She told me there were some misspellings she didn't take the time to correct...but being the sweet easy going Amy, she said to me, "Sure you can put that chart on your blog."

Luke and Nat said...

Love the room! Amazing...I love to see how creative people get...the artwork is awesome!

Logan and Amy Heasley said...

I am a bad speller. I have been made fun of a lot for this chart. Especially the word "monking around". How do you actually spell that? The whole purpose of the chart was to set rules. And when they do something good, they get a ticket and when they do something that is not so good(like the things I have mentioned on the chart) they get tickets taken away. Anyway, the chart works for us and the kids understand it, so I guess that is all that matters, right?

grandmapeg said...

Amy...I just checked my dictionary and it is spelled, monkeying, but that's okay the way you have it because when most people read words, they don't read all of the letters in a word..sort of like short I read it as monkeying when I first saw it. You are great to put the chart up in the first place!! By the way, you look great!

Logan and Amy Heasley said...

Thanks grandma peg! I appreciate that.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

What a beautiful nursery to welcome home the babies! I love the mural. Such talent I admire.

Kris said...

Gorgeous nursery- so beautiful, sweet and charming. It seems so calming as well- just love the paint colors.

Amy, I love your chart. I think it would be a good thing to do something similar in my home- we all need the reminders. Thanks!

Kris said...

I love the chart -- the rules -- the tickets, everything. I think it is so good for kids to not only have these kinds of guidelines, but also to have it posted for them. This is something I definitely want to start doing. Thanks!

The nursery is gorgeous!! Count-down time is so excited, isn't it?


Kim said...

OK -- Kris is in trouble! She was on my computer and logged into her google account. So Amy, that last post that says "I love the chart..." was by Kim. :)


Richard said...

I have a chart like that at home for Wendy, but she insists the rules should be reciprocal.

Amy Nielson said...

The nursery is so cute! I love it. They did such a good job.

When I was in the hospital having Alyson, one of the nurses was telling me about her daughter who had twins about 6 months ago and that they were 7 1/2 and 8 1/2 lbs and made it until 37 weeks. I thought that was pretty good for twins to be so big and healthy. Too often I hear about twins that are too small. My doctor had delivered the twins. Hopefully Amy can make it 8 more weeks so those babies can be healthy & strong. :)

Jill said...

That is what we pray for exactly every day...that the twins will be born healthy and strong.
Thank you Amy.