Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunday Night Cousins' Dinner

In Alpine, Utah!
The view outside that window looks incredible.

Thank you Richard and Wendy (my brother and sister in law)
for having my boys and their cousins over last Sunday.
I heard it turned into a 4 hour dinner!!
I talked to Tyler on the way home
and he said they all had a BLAST!
Can't get much better than that, right?!

And to think it all started here:
Taylor, Colt, Nicole, Lauren

Taylor, Colt, Nicole, Lauren

Thank you Lindsay for taking all the cousin pictures last Sunday!
Next time have someone turn the camera on you. :)

Oh wouldn't Mom/Grandma be proud of her grandchildren.
Come to think of it, I'm sure she is.
Mom with Lauren 1989


Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

I love seeing all these pictures. I am so glad that they do these dinners. I think it is so nice. I loved seeing pictures of "my Lauren".

Designs on 47th Street said...

What a nice family post. You are right, there is nothing better than siblings and cousins getting together, etc.

You just made my day over comments about my blog. I had to laugh though because I don't know very much and always wish I knew how other people make their blogs look so nice. :) First of all, do you blog through Window's Live Writer? That's where I start and it gives me the option to display my pictures in three sizes, sm, med and lg. I always choose med. I really don't do anything else with the layout, so maybe you should look into Live Writer. Hope this helps a bit. I hope you'll come visit me again!

grandmapeg said...

I'm sure your mom is very proud of her grandchildren!! They look like they are having a blast! And you're right...the scenery in Alpine is very incredible and beautiful. The cousins are so blessed to keep in touch with each other. Thanks for sharing your family pictures!

Eileen said...

I love these kinds of posts! I love looking at the pictures of yesterdays! You look a lot like your Mom, Jill, I see a strong resemblance.

And I couldn't believe that view was somebody's home! I thought they were in a restaurant or catering hall when I saw the first picture! Wonderful! And I love the idea of the 'cousins dinner'! Everyone once in awhile my kids and nieces and nephews (on both my side of the family and Ray's side) will get together for a 'cousins night', I think it's wonderful. They haven't done it in awhile so I'm going to prod them on now, I think it's so important for them to keep up those family ties.

We are in the midst now of planning a big Family Picnic Reunion in June. We used to do them once or twice a year (early Summer and early Fall) but we haven't done it in years and years now. My one nephew is trying to organize it and get park permits and he's doing it all from South Carolina! I think he's leaving the flyers and invites up to us (his Aunts) here in New York. I'm looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend!
All the best,

Susan Rozier said...

Jill, What a wonderful post. The pictures of now and then are delightful. Your dad and I spent a lot of time trying to identify all the "then" individuals. He couldn't remember what the "big screen" is in one of the pictures. Do you know? Love, Dad and Susan

Jill said...

I can't figure out what that "big white screen" is either. Dennis studied the original picture and he says, "Oh your parents set up a movie screen." I told him, if they ever did that, I missed that day. Very strange.

Mar~ said...

What fun!

Richard said...

That was a clothing optional screen. Since only one kid per day got to wear the shirt (Nicole had it that day) those others should have been behind the screen...

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I love all the photos,especially the one of your Mom. I just looked at the video of McKay and McKenna. McKay reminds me a lot of your Dad. M&M are soooo cute together!

Jill said...

McKay does look like my Dad, Kathy. He even has his skinny legs. Just like your grandson looks so much like your Dad, Uncle Gene!

Lisa said...

Alpine sounds like HEAVEN. It sure looked like a heavenly gathering to me too! I'm sure you're mom was right there enjoying the gathering herslf and bragging to the "other" spirits how her family is sooooo AWESOME!

You sure got a great blog! I really really enjoy it and I know Anna does too even though she never makes a comment. She's so stingy in the comments area! I bet if she saw that comment she'd hit me on the head.