Saturday, January 10, 2009

My perspective has changed

When my boys were small I would have rather just read, and created, cooked, and played with them. I did a lot of that, and often my house looked like it too. That bothered me.

Funny how my perspective on all that changed when I became a grandma. After the grandkids leave I look at the mess left behind and I just want to savor it. Here I am on a Saturday afternoon and I still have the SORRY game out that Elora and I played last night while her parents went out on a date.She declared herself a winner before realizing she forgot that little green guy in the corner.

And the toys are still on the bottom of the bathtub where Elora and Camers played for a very long time last night.And the magazine Cam Cam was reading is still left open to her favorite page.And I also savor the conversations we had with Elora over our spaghetti dinner. Which by the way Elora had 3 helpings of, and Cami had 2.

It went like this:

Elora: "My friend Hannah at school goes by Laylee for short."
Me: "Well...uh, what does Laylee have to do with Hannah?"
Elora: "It's short for Hannah."
Me: "No, uh, how can Laylee be short for Hannah?"

Elora's voice suddenly gets really soft and she scoots over very close to me and says in an understanding-sort-of-whisper:
"Grandma Honey, if she goes by Hannah the other kids might make fun of her and call her Hannah Montana. So she just goes by Laylee."

Oh. Who am I to question such logic?

After our dinner, the game, and their bath, we played a little "game" on the computer. (Thank you Dad for sending it!) After popping the 10 balloons we would giggle together over what came next. Go ahead, try it here:,,16961_rs,00.swf See if you don't smile.

Tried to get a going home picture, but it didn't quite work out.

Elora is not crying here, she is in hysterical laughter.
I guess we would need to be SIX to understand her humor.


Lisa said...

You may have to be 6, but it's obviously CONTAGIOUS! Look at the BIG toothy smiles of her parents!

I better plan ahead, WAY ahead & get that Spaghetti recipe for the day I'm sure I'll have grandchildren. ; ) are funny in including the game! Love your personality & love how your relish being a GRANDMA! Yes!!!

grandmapeg said...

I love the way 6 year old girls think about how people will make fun of them if their names happen to be a name of someone famous like Hannah Montana. Kasey thinks and 'whispers' those same kinds of things. That is one happy family leaving your house!

Ronnell said...

I do the same thing after our grandchildren leave Jill. I know it will be at least another week before I will see them again so I just cannot bear to put the toys away. It always takes me a couple of days to be able to do it.

Ammy Moore said...

The whole purpose of the post on my blog was to post the recipe....thanks for reminding is on there now.

Anonymous said...

I went to the web site. It was fun. How do you keep your bathtub so clean? I love Cami's choice of magazine articles to read. Is she feeling better? She looks really good.

Dad and Susan said...

Jill, This is such a cute blog. I admire that you can leave things out even a day after they left. I must have skipped that part of being a grandma. You are remarkable. Love, Dad and Susan

Mary said...

This is so sweet. How very much I look forward to becoming a grandmother!

Kathy said...

Jill, If you can play Sorry you can play Facebook Scrabble. I challenged you to a game of Scrabble on Facebook. Did you ever recieve the invitation? These are precious memories and precious times with the grandkids,eh?

Jill said...

Kathy, I am on Facebook, technically, but I can't get on. Every time I try to sign in some other name comes up. So I don't think a Scrabble game is in my near future. And no I don't remember getting any invitation. But you do have a point, if I can play SORRRY I an play Scrabble. You got me there! :)

Richard said...

You're welcome to come savor the mess at our house. Hailey has been here 2 weeks and has taken over. She is a little bossy, but we see that as part of her charm!

I admire your great attitude about life and its challenges.

Your favorite brother...

darlene said...

You have a hilarious sense of humor, Jill! I often laugh out loud when I read your posts! You definitely understand and appreciate kids. I look forward to appreciating my grandchildren as you do!