Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey

Why do I love Dennis?
Let me count the ways.

1. Most mornings he unloads the dishwasher before going to work.

2. He still opens the car door for me, and any other doors he can get to.

3. He makes all the money so I don't have to.

4. He is a great problem solver. He can almost always come up with a solution.

5. If I walk into the room he is in and if I even look like I am going to say something, he will put down what he is doing and look up at me, ready to listen.

6. When I was Relief Society president he was always ready and willing to help me with ANYTHING.

7. In those nearly 5 years (see above) he would appear after Enrichment night every month to help me clean up.

8. He would also come and help me set up and serve at every funeral luncheon except for the one time he was out of town.

9. If I ask him, "Would you do me a favor?", he usually answers with, "Anything for you."

10. If I say I am going to the store or where ever, and it is dark outside, he will say, "I don't like you going out alone after dark. Would you like me to go with you?"

11. He wraps almost all the gifts we buy.

12. He loves to go shopping with me. At least he acts like he does.

13. He holds my purse when we go shopping. Sometimes he will say, "I wish you wouldn't bring this." but he still holds it for me.

14. When we go to the movies, he always lets me choose.

15. Almost every evening after dinner he will say to me, "Where are we going tonight?"

16. If I mention a place I would like to go he will say, "Okay, let's go."

17. He likes honey-do-lists and often asks for them on Saturday mornings. I wonder if this has anything to do with his BYU football or basketball later on in the day.

18. I like the way he ponders what I say. Sometimes hours later he will come up with an idea to a dilemma I told him about.

19. He tries to keep my car filled with gas.

20. He truly loves my children, worries about them, prays for them, like his own.

21. When we married over 9 years ago, he jumped right in to be a Dad to McKay and Tyler who were 13 and 15 at the time.

22. He makes a big deal about how I make his lunch to take to work with him each day.

23. If I draw a heart on his lunch bag, or write anything on it, he calls from work to thank me.

24. When we are out shopping together and go up to the register, he tells me he will take care of it so I can go back and look some more.

25. He cares for those around him, whether they be family or friends or ward members.

26. I bought a dress once with see through sleeves that I did not like. He said, "I can fix that." He went to the fabric store, bought some lining, and sewed it inside my sleeves.

27. He is great at cutting out and pasting any handouts I need for lessons I give at church.

28. He mails almost all our outgoing packages. He makes labels from our computer, and often makes his own mailing boxes.

29. He saves little notes I write to him and tapes them to his file cabinet in his office.

30. He takes me out to dinner every Saturday evening.

31. He always comes to find me as soon as he comes in the door each evening.

32. He understands that I need to be in control of the thermostat.

33. He honors his Priesthood and is always ready to happily do whatever he is asked.

34. If we are in bed and I mention that I am thirsty, he says, "I'll be right back", and brings me a glass of water.

35. He understands that I need to be the one to choose our hotel room and make all the arrangements for that. If I feel we have to change a room for whatever reason he might breath a little funny momentarily, but then he will say, "I want you to be happy."

36. He often tears up just reading or talking about the Pioneers. He has a true love for those who paved the way for us.

37. He often will tear up when we go to cemeteries thinking about all the people, whether he knew them or not. He will say things like, "They had hopes and dreams and lives just like us."

38. He insists on always arriving to church early so he can help set up chairs. Not that anyone has asked him to do this.

39. When my mom was very ill towards the end of her life, he wanted her to come live with us. He participated as much as I did in her care.

40. He tells me I am the best. I treasure his words.

I know there is more that will come to my mind later.
This all just from the top of my head.

Here is one of Den's most favorite songs:

Happy Birthday Den!!!
Thank you for marrying me.


Kris said...

Oh, the tears welled up when I read this. And I smiled. And then I let the tears flow. I love you Dad! Happy birthday!!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Dennis! I knew when I met you that I liked you & felt like I could trust you. When I was going through the worst time in my life; there was a time when I needed to talk & I saw you. I asked you if I could talk to you later, but I wasn't able to because of circumstances. But, had I done so; I know you would have said something that would have put my mind at ease. I just totally sense that about you.

I find life delightful with the Shelley's around! Hope your have a GREAT BIRTHDAY Grandpa HONEY! : )

Kim said...

Beautiful post Jill. It makes me happy to know that he's so happy. Have a wonderful day Dad. I love you!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dennis. You are a great man. Thank you for taking such good care of my friend and "sister-in-law" Jill.

I thought of another reason. He remembers all the people's names in your family no matter how far out they are.

grandmapeg said...

This is such a nice post. I think marriages are always successful when we look for the best in our spouses and you certainly have found a lot in Dennis! You are indeed very blessed! Happy Birthday Dennis!!

nrozier said...

Wow! I knew Dennis was an amazing man and husband before reading this list, but now I have a whole new appreciation for how special he is.

Happy birthday Dennis!

Kathy said...

What a great list Jill. It's evident that you pay attention to the love you are recieving, and that is evidence of how much you love Dennis. Happy Birthday Dennis!

James & Kresta said...

Happy Birthday Dennis! Wow Jill, this is an awesome birthday post! I can feel your love for one another. You two are a wonderful example.

Luke and Nat said...

We must have been on the same page Jill, check out my blog for my list I made yesterday...I hope someday we can have a list as long as yours, we are working on it...isn't it fun to actually note all these cool things that happen every day that we notice from our husbands and to jot them's amazing how many I can find when I am looking!:)

Dad and Susan said...

We loved this blog Jill. Dennis is all and more. You are blessed and so is he. Happy Birthday Dennis. Love, Dad and Susan

Dennis said...

Thanks, Sweetheart. You are the best. And thanks for giving me your phone number over 10 years ago.

Love, Den

grandmapeg said...

Hey Dennis...if I had known you loved Randy Travis and especially this song...I wouldn't have called you a "Big Baby" :-) Obviously you can tell Randy Travis is one of my favorites too, and especially this song. Again, have a Happy Birthday!

Logan and Amy Heasley said...

This a beautiful post about Dennis!!!! Happy Birthday Dad!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Dennis! I am so glad that Jill has you, what a wonderful person you sound like!

Richard said...

Will someone please break the news to Jill that Dennis is a robot. I've played along with this as long as I could stand it, but the charade has to end.

darlene said...

This is the stuff that strong marriages are made of. Glad to see you chose a man of this caliber, Jill. You deserve him.

lindsay lark said...

How do I find a Dennis in a 25-30 year old form?

Happy Birthday Uncle Dennis!

The Gage Cage said...

It has been WAY too long since I've sat down to read my favorite blog! I'm so sad Paul and I missed this post until now! Right now Paul isn't even home to read this with me. I read everything you said about Dennis and everything his daughter said. Paul and I love, adore and admire Dennis SO MUCH!!! When I see him through your eyes I always think..."Dennis is THE MAN"! When I see him through his daughters eyes...I love him like I love my father...that's HUGE!!! I even got a little teary reading his daughters post...because I know he made similar sacrifices that my Dad made. If only every child could be so lucky as to have a Dad like Dennis. I hope he had the BEST birthday! Paul and I love you Dennis! Thank you for being so good and loving toward us and our family! Knowing you and Jill is such a treat! We feel so blessed to have such good people in our lives!