Monday, February 1, 2010

Clam Cookies

Last Saturday evening, Elora came over, and said to me,
"""" I wish we could go back in the past
and I could sit on your counter and make cookies."

We tried that, but her head kept
bumping the top of the cabinets.
That's what happens when you are 7.

So we went into the playroom.
It was just right.

So before Elora made her plea for Haiti,
she made little "clam cookies"
to have at our family dinner the next day.
Her Mom thought they were hilarious.

Elora also made name tags for everyone
and said she needed to arrive
"6 minutes early to set up the name tags
and the cookies at each plate"

Love this picture of Elora instructing her sister and her twin cousins.
After she finished making the cookies it was close to bedtime
and she asked if she could eat one of them.

I told her that was too much sugar before bedtime.
She piped back with,"Don't worry Grandma Honey.
I'll sleep it off with a book!"

If you would like instructions on how to make
these fine cookies, here you go:


Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

I want one. Where do you find all these adorable cookie recipes?

grandmapeg said...

Tell Kim and Kris...they've got some serious competition with Elora!!! It's too bad Elora doesn't live here in Salt Lake so Kim and Kris could take her to be on Studio 5. Elora does such a great job instructing. She is a very mature 7 year old. I love all of your cookie recipes. Oh, and Elora is a girl after my own of those cookies would be great just before bedtime :-) Thanks for sharing!!

the Rich girl said...

Elora is awesome.
And Erin is right, those clam cookies ARE hilarious.

She really is getting so good with her little cookie episodes. I'm really impressed with how well she does.
I'm sure that when I was seven, I would have been very camera shy. But not Elora--she's a pro!!

Susan Rozier said...

Yes, Elora is impressive. But guess who else is impressive? Erin for her great home training. But guess who else is also impressive? Jill, for being such an outstanding grandmother! Fruit falling from trees comes to mind. Love, Susan

darlene said...

What everyone else said!

Lisa said...

If I ever get a grandchild like her, I'll know I'm in HEAVEN.

Kris said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! What an absolute doll! I love her "cooking" segments. Man, I wish we lived closer. She did such an excellent job of demonstrating and I just wanted to reach out through the computer and squeeze her! You're right Peg...I'd love to take that girl on Studio 5 with me!! :)

Sue said...

She is such a hoot!