Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ashley and Andrew got married this morning

Don't you just love her gown?
Her hair was so pretty, too. Perfect.
Thanks Erin for taking these.
More pictures after the reception tonight.


grandmapeg said...

That really is a beautiful gown. They look so cute. I love the pictures that Erin takes. Has she taken a photography class?

Brock said...

I would just like to say for the record that Brooke, sister of the bride, could not have been happier for the new couple... despite the expression captured in this picture!! Sorry Brooke!

Susan Rozier said...

Thanks Jill, Ashley's gown is beautiful, and she was glowing in her countenance this morning.

Your dad was glowing too with 4 daughters and 2 sons in the temple together. Plus, 6 grandchildren there and all but one with their spouses. His cup runneth over.

I am so happy to be in this family so I can share in his happiness.

Love, Dad and Susan

donnam said...

So, she is so beautiful. And Jill, if you don't take the video off, apparently it is just a blank spot on the book...FYI

Jill said...

I know that's pretty funny about Brooke. I know that look of hers and its not what it seems. She is just deep in concentration, looking at her sister and trying to take it all in.

Jill said...

Furthermore, Brooke was the one who found Ashley's dress for her and brought it back all the way from Idaho. It is stunning.

the Rich girl said...

Wow. Ashley looks breathtaking! Oh happy day! I'm so excited for these two.

Congratulations to them both!!

I so wish that we could have been there!

Anonymous said...

just to let you guys no she was giving mckenzie the death stare not ashley

Eileen said...

Well, Brooke did a fabulous job on picking the perfect gown! It is uniquely beautiful and I love all the tiny buttons down the back!
And along with the happy, handsome couple, Brooke is stunningly beautiful! She looks like a model and they never smile for the camera!
All the best to the newlyweds!
And all the best to you too, Jill!,