Tuesday, January 20, 2009

32 years ago today...

I became a mother!
Brock, my first son, was due on Dec. 30, 1976.
I thought we would be having a competition with Santa that year.

I found this cartoon when I was pregnant with him, and kept it all these years.

However, he did not arrive until Jan. 20, 1977.
Exactly 21 days late.
21 very long days to me.

The 2 pictures below...do you think they look like the same baby??
The first one is of Brock as a newborn.
The second of his daughter, Elora.
Brock 1977
Elora 2002

Brock was a very interesting child to raise. He was opinionated from the time he was quite little. He loved to argue even,
and challenge many ideas and plans.
Made for some lovely moments as his mother.
Brock and Logan

In preschool he was the only child in the class who hid under the stage during "graduation". He wanted nothing to do with that ceremony and tried to tell me for weeks, but I thought for sure he would change his mind once he saw the rest of his class cooperating.

In kindergarten they had "hat week". Every day that week the children would come out in a large line of 34 students wearing the hat they had made that day. Brock was the only one who would not wear his. He preferred to carry his instead, rolling his eyes.

He also could be incredibly charming, and to me, no matter what he did I thought he was totally endearing.
Brock "working" with his dad

He excited easily. If he was happy about something his entire body showed it.

When he was 3 he wanted to go to Disneyland. He heard his little friend Chris was going, who lived across the street, so he decided he would go with him! He was still in his pajamas when he could see out the front window that Chris and his family were getting ready to leave. So he hurried into this bedroom, tore off his pajamas, put both legs into the same leg of a pair of pants and literally hobbled out the front door. He tripped being his legs could not move well, and fell down the stairs of our front porch. We both cried.

Once an older lady across the street brought Brock, age 4 at the time, his very own box of homemade frosted Valentine's cookies. She said she was not giving any to the other kids in the neighborhood but she couldn't wait to give some to Brock since "he gets so excited about things."

Brock was born with honesty. It was truly the way he arrived here. He tells it like it is. As his mother in law says, "Brock is brutally honest." Some may say that is not always a good thing, but one thing is for certain...you never have to wonder...'did he really mean that?'

I could always count on him to tell me the truth. One December when he was about 10 he decided to sneak into my closet where I was hiding all the presents I had bought. Apparently he checked them all out because later on he came to me with his confession and a very humble apology. I would have never known he did that but he wanted to clear his conscience.

Brock has attitude written all over his face here.
Better days were ahead.

Besides his honesty, he has a very strong resilient character, he is also compassionate, and he has a grateful heart. And did I mention his creativity? You can see that here and here and how about the caricature of his family he drew below:

I am proud of the man Brock is today. His first priority is his family.
He is a kind and gentle Dad to his 2 daughters. Elora and Campbell adore him. When he even walks in the room Cami goes wild with excitement.
It is an honor to be your mother.


Brock said...

Wow, mom, I got a little teary there. I don't think I deserve half of what you've said here about me, but if my mother thinks that then I can't be all that bad.

I can't believe I'm 32. I mean, yeah, I look in the mirror and I see the gall bladder surgery stitches and ear hair and I think, "Okay, I'm older now." But I look at you and it doesn't seem like 32 years have gone by at all.

Thanks for this wonderful gift. (Probably the only one I'm getting today as it seems wrong to do any kind of celebrating with Cami still in the hospital. Hopefully, she'll come home today and we can celebrate that.)

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Bro. From the first time we all met, it was like we had know each other for years. Have a wondeful day.


Rebecca said...

What a fun post. I loved getting to know Brock. I love that drawing, especially how he has the parents arms around the family! I love it.

Kris said...

Happy birthday, Brock!!! You're such a great guy and you have a wonderful family to be proud of. We think the world of you!

the Rich girl said...

Brock, I just think that you are the coolest! I had so much fun getting to know you a little bit while in California. And I look forward to getting to know you even better.

I hope that you can have a good day today, despite the rough stuff that you and your family have been through lately.

I also hope that you have a very happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brock. Hope you have a great day. You are not old.

Jill, this is a cute post. It was good to get to know Brock better. For some reason it helped me to see why Elora is like she is. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

How come you didn't tell the story about when Brock found out where you got his name from? Robin told me that he was mad at you because you named him after someone in a soap opera and Logan was after a temple and McKay was named after a prophet. I thought that was cute.

Jill said...

Karen, I never thought of it like that. Hmmm.... When his dad and I were dating we did use to watch this soap opera together...The Young and the Restless...There was this character on there named Brock so that is where I heard his name, but I did NOT name him AFTER him...I just liked the name. Brock has given me a hard time about this for years :) I wished I had never told him where I first started liking the name Brock.

darlene said...

Three weeks past his due date? Wow! You could never get away with that nowadays. You go one day past and they are talking induction (unless you use a midwife... they are more relaxed)
How much did he weigh? My guess is that he was actually "right on time". I believe that only God knows when a baby is truly ready to be born.
Hope you and Cammy are feeling better soon, Brock!

Anonymous said...

If I told Karen that story, it was a REALLY long time ago because I don't remember it. Funny thing, I had Wendy redraw that cartoon on Ashley's birth announcement - when you have a baby born in December it tops all Christmas gifts. I hope Cami and Brock are feeling better.
Auntie Robin

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Brock! I don't know you, but through your mom's blog; LOVE what I SEE & READ about 'cha! I was especially touched by your love for Cami in your comments today. I know you love your WHOLE family, but to say & think such tender thoughts expresses what a wonderful human being you are. I also LOVE your drawings. I have the Poduska's in my daughter's room in a prominent place that I see every day. Makes me laugh and smile being a comic of the two lovebirds. (It was for Finn's baby shower) CUTE. Have a HAPPY day & Hope you & Cami get well quickly!

Brock said...

I love this post and I love Brock!! He is all of these things and more. Thanks Jill for everything the past week and for this post it was great

Jill said...

Darlene, Yep he was really 3 weeks past his due date. This was of course pre ultrasound days so the dr kept telling me I must have mis calculated. I know I didn't. Then when he was finally born his skin was peeling off everywhere and the nurse in the delivery room said, "Oh this baby was overcooked." He weighed exactly 8 lbs. Logan who was born 2 years later and only 3 days late weighed 6.10 lbs so I sort of think had Brock been on time he would have weighed more like 6 1/2 lbs.

Erin...so happy you and Camers are home now!!

Dad and Susan said...

Jill, I tried to comment on this blog twice today and the computer wouldn't let me. Tonight I told that to your dad and he went right into it and clicked on the comment section and up it comes!!! I am taking this personally! I did enjoy all the comments however, so it was nice to be towards the end. You're just a youngster Brock. Good to hear Cami is home now. We've been thinking about her all day. Love, Dad and Susan

Kathy said...

What great stories and beautiful pictures. Happy birthday to Brock.

grandmapeg said...

A happy belated birthday to Brock! I just recently found that picture of Brock as a baby and Elora as a baby that you photo copied and sent to me. They sure look a like! He has so many talents! I'm happy to hear that Cami is out of the hospital.

~ Jenny and Phoenix ~ said...

Oh I just LOVE my Brockly. Thank you for having him Jill. He has been my rock more times then I would like to count. You have a beautiful son and I am so proud of him and the life he has made for himself. You are an amazing mother Jill.