Sunday, January 11, 2009


This is a milestone for a Mom carrying twins.
Today Amy is 25 weeks pregnant.

The white t-shirt underneath her blouse helps us to see the twins better.
My camera just does not capture Amy's true beauty. My lens does something funny to her eyes to where it does not even look quite like her. This picture below was taken a few weeks ago in her bedroom with her camera. Here she looks more like herself.Again, (below) these are not the eyes we see when we look at her.
She's such a good sport, she lets me show these pictures anyway.
See the difference with her eyes in the above picture
compared to this one below?
Above is the real Amy.

We had some good cousin time last night, too.We all feel so thankful to have reached 25 weeks,
especially considering the scare last November.
Only 13 more weeks to go!


Darlene said...

What is the rational for not letting her go past 38 weeks? Speaking as a childbirth teacher, every week that babies get to stay inside their mommies up till 40 weeks, and sometimes beyond, is beneficial in terms of the babies' maturity, like lung development and resistance to respiratory problems. Just wondering what they are telling her and how twins make it different.

Rebecca said...

Wow, only 13 weeks to go. I hope it goes quickly for you al. And not having actually ever seen Amy, she looks beautiful in your pictures to me!!

Kathy said...

She is simply a beautiful pregnant woman. That's all I have to say.

Kim said...

I think she's beautiful in all the pictures. So are her children. I'm glad to hear things are going to well for her.

grandmapeg said...

It's not fair that some women can look so beautiful when they are pregnant, but Amy is definitely one of them!! I'm so happy that she is so healthy and especially that she is such a good sport to let you take these pictures :-) Thanks Amy!! All of the readers are enjoying your pregnancy.

Lisa said...

GrandmaPeg is right about Amy. Amy clearly one of few people who look beautiful during pregnancies.

She reminds me of some of the movie stars who get pregnant & look FABULOUSLY happy & ecstatic about having children & they just "GLOW" with peace, contentment & beauty. You know what I'm saying? The children she's borne are ablsolutely adorable & very good looking children. But more importantly; they have the LIGHT of Christ in their eyes. I LOVE THAT! Nice Post. It's great to keep updated.

Logan and Amy Heasley said...

Thanks for everyone's comments! I love being pregnant. Darlene, I will have to ask my Doctor again about why at 38 weeks. I was told once awhile ago but I can't remember. But 38-42 weeks is considered full term. I hope these next few months fly by. I am so excited to meet these little ones.

Anonymous said...

Amy and her eyes are always beautiful. Can't wait to see who the twins look like... Such fun!!
Auntie Robin

Jill said...

Just in case anyone is thinking that I am giving Amy a hard time about her eyes, I'm not! It's my camera. It just does not do her justice. In other words, she is even prettier in person.

Dad and Susan said...

Amy is beautiful! The cousin time looks like so much fun. You have a full life with the full lives of your children Jill. You're blessed to have them nearby. Love, Dad and Susan

Anonymous said...

wow, she looks like a total babe! Is she available? I would for sure ask her out.

Logan and Amy Heasley said...

Thanks Logan! I am available if you want to take me out :)
Your wife

Jill said...

You both are too cute!