Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Holding 2 of my treasures on Christmas Eve.
I gave my sister my camera and she shot away.

The party was at my brother Scott's house. Does he not look festive with his red bow? (Still looking tired from his daughter's wedding just 5 days before :) With Enoch who always looks happy.
Sweet Daniel at the computer
Laurynn, Tess, and Kate
Okay, what lucky person got this kitten for Christmas?
Hosanna dipping in the candy every chance she got.
Cousin Jake with Katie, and the still newlyweds, Tyler and Karen

Katie and Jake with cousin Nicole.
Looks like she has recovered from her wedding.
I saw this plaque way high above a door at Scott and Kim's house.

After the party was over we came home and all watched Home Alone. Then near midnight we said goodnight to everyone and crawled into bed. I felt the magic in the air. Felt good to have 2 of my sons home and also sweet Karen. And the promise of Christmas morning.

Just as we were drifting off to blissful sleep, it was near 1am and I heard this singing. Huh? Sounded like music. What could it be? I listened closely. Sounds like McKay's voice! He was playing White Christmas and singing along with Bing Crosby.

Talk about cute!

I asked him the next morning, "Uh was that you singing about 1 in the morning??" He looked sorry and sheepishly replied, "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't think you could hear it. I was just wrapping gifts and I wanted some Christmas carols on...."

McKay, you can sing anytime you want on Christmas Eve.
I loved it.

Picture below is for you, McKenna.
McKay cleaned my ceiling fans for us this morning! I wanted you to see what happens when he takes a vacation from shaving. And doesn't he look so handsome in one of the shirts you gave him?


grandmapeg said...

It's about time we get to see more pictures of you in the candid shots. You look so happy with those twins!!! It looks like all of you had fun at your family party. And my goodness I think McKay is going to give Logan a run for his money with the beard. He looks good with that start. Thanks for sharing your family.

Dad and Susan said...

You are so good to chronicle the family events. We LOVED the pictures of everyone. Those babies are starting to crawl. I saw them go forth and someone would pull on a foot and just slide them back on the hardwood floor to where they started! It won't be long before they'll be all over the place and won't stand for being slid back! Thanks for all the fun blogs this past year. We love them! Dad and Susan

McKenna said...

Thank you for posting that picture of McKay! I love it! and it's neat to see him helping you, he's pretty wonderful at that! and he of course looks so handsome in the shirt. I'm glad you shared the story too about him singing White Christmas. That's one story that he left out and it's pretty dang cute. I can't wait to see him!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Jill, These pictures are so cute. That party was wonderful. I am so glad I could be a part of it. Your family are great people. Thank you soooo much for putting the picture of my sweet Daniel in there. I am so proud.

Mary said...

It's so wonderful to have family to spend Christmas with. Of all our blessings, family is in my favorite top two!

tyler said...

I think the term 'still newlyweds' is appropriate, but I'm guessing you use that at least in part because we are so touchy. Well let me tell you: if you only saw Karen when you were stressed and overworked and then you had a break in the year, you would hug her all the time too.

Jill said...

Oh no Tyler, it has nothing to do about being touchy. If that were the case, you would call Den and I newlyweds because as you know we touch a lot. I call you newlyweds because you've only been married 7 months. Den and I were so happy when we were married 3 YEARS because then we could finally say, "No we are not newlyweds!" But you and Karen can't say that yet. :))

Sue said...

He does look handsome! And I love the idea of being serenaded by White Christmas at 1 AM.