Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The McK's in Billings, Montana

McKay and McKenna
some views from last weekend.
Absolutely love this picture!

They sure do things differently in Montana.
We just get our Christmas tree out of the garage.

Some of McKenna's siblings: Matt, Annie, Katie (SIL), and Dan, then McK and McK Hope I got that right.

McKay obviously did not read my post about lemon in water.

When I first saw this video, I didn't know it was a joke, and I showed it to Den. He laughed but then he's a detective and knows these things. McKenna said her mom also believed it, so then I felt a bit better.


Richard said...

McKay would not tell a lie. I believe it too.

Kim said...

Cute, cute, cute. Coming up North anytime? :)


Dad and Susan said...

Cute, cute pictures. Was this a game to tell a fictional story? How fun. Love, Dad and Susan

grandmapeg said...

It looks like the McK's have a lot of fun together. I especially love the one of them getting the Christmas tree. I only remember going out like that and getting a tree once when the kids were small. That was a lot of fun. Is that a first for McKay? Thanks for sharing.

darlene said...

Obviously a joke.

Eileen said...

Cute post!
Those two are wonderful together! I enjoyed seeing all the pictures and I enjoyed the video!

And I loved the link to your other post!
It was fun to read your 'quirks'! I have quite a few myself and now NO LEMON WATER is going to be one of them!

I love that first picture on your post too, they look like they are really in their element!
All the best to you,

Valerie said...

What cute pics you've been posting the last few posts. It looks like you've had good times with your family.

Kris said...

Oh they are so cute together!!!!! Love them both!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know we are so very cute. So that picture with McKenna's siblings is by a rock that they always take pictures by every year. They call it the "face rock" because it looks like a face. Nice post Mom! We like it a lot.


tyler said...

Apparently McKay doesn't change his clothes very often. He's wearing the same shirt in two pictures and the video, though the video was taken probably four or five days before the pictures were. I guess we know what he needs for Christmas...

We wish we could have joined them for Thanksgiving in Montana.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Very nice pictures. I like the first one too.