Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dining with our digital grandchildren

I didn't mention to anyone that I wanted a digital picture frame.
I had looked at them but I just could not justify buying one for myself.So I was surprised when we received one from Dennis' daughter Kim and her husband.

Kim and Ryan chose some really good pictures, that they of course took. I think pictures are always priceless, but especially when you are a grandparent!

I have it set for now in our entry way so who ever comes to our door will see it. The past 2 nights we have had it on our kitchen table so we can watch the pictures as we eat.

Makes it feel like that our grandchildren are dining with us, but without the cleanup.Although they are WELL WORTH the clean up.
Here are a few of our favorites:
Rachel and Robbie

Jessica, Katie, and EmilyRachie with Mike

McKay and Matthew
Kim with MatthewIs that Tyler gazing at Karen?

McKay, Tyler, Karen, Kris
Katie, Emily, Jessica
Matthew, Jacob


A week or so before Christmas, Good Things Utah, called Kim and asked if she would come back on their program. This time they only gave her 24 hours notice! It was a segment on making gifts for Christmas without spending lots of money. Kim and her sister Kris are the queens of cute and creative. Take a look at Kim's short clip from Good Things Utah.

Thank you Kim and Ryan!!!
We are already enjoying this gift so much. A great way to show off our grandchildren, too.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Is this cute or what?

Dennis' daughter Kris surprised me with such a CUTE gift.
She MADE all this herself.
First, an apron and "Grandma Honey" chef hat.

Click to see the little jewels on the pocket.

AND a matching apron and hat for my assisting smaller chef!
Kris knows how I love to cook, and how I also love my little helpers in the kitchen.

And wait, that's not all.
She also made me a little cookbook.

A page by each of our 15 grandchildren! Their picture and recipe.
Here is a sample of what's inside. This one by Kris' daughter Katelyn, in Katie's own words.

I will cherish this forever. Not only can I have fun with it now, but it will be so fun to look back over the years to come and remember their little recipes and pictures and how they 'use to talk'.

Look what Kris was making on Christmas Eve...
A doll for each of her girls.
She had to call it quits at 4:30am, so she didn't get the hair put on yet.
Instead she put bandannas on their heads
and placed them under the tree.

Here they are all ready to come down the stairs
on Christmas morning.

Kris and Mike's children.
Katelyn, Jacob, Jessica and little Rachel in front.
Is Jacob the proud brother or what!
Thank you so much Kris! You are so thoughtful and I can't tell you how much this means that you would do all this for me.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

My favorite gift from Dennis

About a week ago, I received this list at church.

Click to enlarge
Christmas was just 4 days away, so I quickly put it aside thinking I would look it over more after the holidays. It's the book club list... all the books we will be reading and reviewing in 2009.

So imagine my surprise on Christmas morning when I opened up this tightly packed box containing 7 of these 12 books!Dennis had somehow found my list. He had gone to several stores all over Fresno and Clovis looking for these books. I was so touched that:
1. He thought of doing this (Such a Dennis thing to do. So THOUGHTFUL.)
2. That he made such a last minute effort to buy these books for me, and
3. That I now have most of these books ready to read when the time comes!

He was disappointed he could not find all 12 books, but I'm sure he still will. Right, Den?

I remember the first time I attended this book club earlier in the year.
The lady next to me turned and asked, "So what brings you here?"

Not sure what she meant by that, if anything. I was thinking that somehow she could tell that I did not read the month's selection. I had a really good time though, and after the book review we talked about many different interesting subjects. I think I was the last to leave that evening.

So I began attending monthly. Maybe I just have a difficult time with assigned reading. (I do love to read, however.) At church when we are reminded about the book club, it is often mentioned, "And you don't have to read the book to attend. Jill Shelley comes, and she doesn't always read it."

(As soon as I hear the part about "...and you don't have to read the book to attend..." I know my name is coming up next. Sure enough it does.)

Well this next year will be different....sort of. I have most the books now. I have decided I will read at least the first chapter. And whatever, I will always plan to attend the monthly book club. I guess I find the women there more fascinating to me than the books. Like I've always said, there is nothing more interesting than people.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Elora interviewing Uncle Tyler

I asked Elora to go in the other room
and interview Tyler about Karen.
So she did, all on her own.

So here is my 6 year old granddaughter
interviewing my youngest son.
You will have no doubt that she is also running the camera.
I like her ending.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A recap of our Christmas

I am still feeling in awe over some of the sweetest, most thoughtful,
incredible gifts our children have given to us this Christmas.
One is at the end of this post, with other blogs to follow soon.
I know I will be dreaming about our children tonight.

We began the morning with Tyler organizing the gifts under the tree.
Isn't he cute?

It's a running joke in our family trying to figure
out just what McKay is doing for his internship.
All we understand is "He is doing math research."
So this plaque is perfect for him.
He says he is going to hang it in the math lab.
Den loves old, old has beens.
and I'm not talking about me
Like old abandoned buildings, barns, cars.
He looks at all has beens and wonders what the history was behind it.
So this book is his cup of tea.
"Ghosts in the Wilderness, Abandoned America"
NO, this is not my kitchen.
It's a picture from his book...a has been kitchen.

Elora likes her Dora doll.Camers is still not feeling well but we were happy we got to see her.

I love the Christmas mess.
Erin's friend Rachel from Kansas joined us also this afternoon.

Susan's brother made these darling name frames for the girls.
He also made some for Amy's girls
but we forgot to the get a picture of them. :(

Tyler trying out the new microphone.
Who got that, I'm not sure...or why.Cam Cam perked up a little after her all afternoon nap.

I am nearly shocked at how fast the twins are growing.
I just saw her last week!
22 weeks, 4 days

Amy was having quite a conversation with her brother Ryan.
I told them to just keep talking and ignore me.
Handsome Chandler with his new glasses!
A really nice dinner with Amy, Logan and their family.

Logan really does love his mother in law Karen.
Laurynn was feeling sick all day.
Couldn't eat anything. Poor baby.

So right during dinner Logan said,
"Okay, she's suffering. I'm taking her to the store to get her something she can drink. "
And off they went. He's such a good Dad.

Beautiful Kylie

Macie got a nail kit.
She's already too cute.

Laurynn wanted to show us that Logan now looks like
one her favorite authors, Shel Silverstone.

Look what they gave us for Christmas!!!
A photo blanket. We love it!!!
Isn't it incredible?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve in photos

Thank you McKay for vacuuming this morning.

As much as I love Christmas, it also wears me out.
I put this sign on my bedroom door and checked out for awhile.
One heart stopping moment after another.
Hold on, it gets better.

Later on we went to my brother and his wife's house, Scott and Kim.
They are always so good to have us all over.
We actually had dinner before the dessert.

Not sure why they are all hanging out in the laundry room.
My nieces Kaidy, Tess, McKenzie, nephew Alex, and granddaughter Elora

So good to see my niece Julie and her husband Nate!
Trust me, Julie is not pale. She's beautiful. It's my camera.

So good to see Karen and Tom and their son Daniel!

Our annual Nativity scene.
Elora, Tess, and Alex

This conversation does not look like it is going so well.
Brock and Elora came without Erin and Cami
Little Camers is still not feeling very well.

Tyler looking lost without Karen.
That's my sister Robin to the right.
A little pool after dinner.
Brock, Tyler, McKay
Tyler once again showing that "I miss Karen" look.Elora getting a little wild and crazy.

On our way home...
I know you can hardly see this picture but it's the Fairmont house.
The house my parents lived in since 1961
that my dad sold this past year.
I have never seen it with Christmas lights until tonight.

Merry Merry Christmas!
We get to see Amy and Logan and their children TOMORROW!!!