Monday, October 12, 2009

Reflexology with Hailey and Chickie

Very late last night I introduced my sister in law Wendy (aka Chickie) and her granddaughter Hailey to reflexology. I had only been introduced to it the day before thanks to my friend Darlene. She let me borrow her video,
"Miriam Turner's Self-Help Reflexology" I had always thought reflexology was just to help your feet or hands. I hadn't realized the feet and hands have reflex areas corresponding to all parts of the body. The special techniques of reflexology can improve the health of all body parts! For example, the part just below the toes, where the feet connects to the toes, represents the neck. So if you have painful spots there when you press, then something is not right with your neck. That was where most of my pain in my feet is. So by pressing on those painful spots or working them more, you can help your neck.

(I was "winterizing" my toes last night.
by taking off my polish but some of the polish was stubborn.)
Hailey was very intrigued by all of this. She had lots of questions. She intently listened to instructions from Miriam on the video. What a great student she is.

Hailey is such a little night owl.
She is so wide awake and alert late into the night.
But in the morning
she will put her pillow over her face to block out the sun.
Click to enlarge so you can see the detail of the charts


Dennis said...

I 'm sorry to say I'm not really into this topic. All I remember from the other room is the sound of Wendy laughing.


Jill said...

You are too into this topic. Give me 5 minutes and I would have you interested. You would love it.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Jill, this is terrible. One of us needs to move. You are always having a great time. I love this stuff and I love Wendy and Hailey. I would have liked to have visited with them. Oh well, at least I can sort of be there through your blog. Thanks.

Eileen said...

Jill, this is almost eerie! I used to have socks and gloves with all this on them! And I was just thinking I wish I could find them because my sister-in-law is having so many problems and I was just telling her reflexology can help!
This is amazing! God Is Good!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

It really helped Ray a lot when he was having trouble with sciatica, it worked wonders for him!
Thanks again!
All the best,
PS ~ I think this has happened before on your blog. I present a need to God and He answers me through your blog! Amazing!

Dad and Susan said...

Love the pictures of Wendy and Haley!!! You really do have an interesting life and you make it that way! Love, Dad and Susan

Ammy said...

Jill...I LOVE reflexology. My sister introduced it to me a long time ago. I was have AWFUL migraines and she cured them by massaging my hands. Also, I have problematic kidneys...she massages my feet and no more problems.

Jill said...

Ammy...Thank you for sharing that. How very interesting. I remember once I was visit teaching and my head was hurting. The lady I was teaching told me to take off my shoe and sock and she would get rid of my headache. I thought, sure whatever. Within a few minutes it was gone! I had forgotten about that until you brought it up about your migraines.

Eileen...I've seen those socks and gloves. Sciatica huh? I think my dad has had that. So I'll have to remember that should it come back.

I think our bodies are such wonders. So much we don't understand. Last night Hailey overheard us talking about where to rub on our feet to help our necks...I wish I had a video of the expression on her face as she was struggling to understand that.

Mary said...

I printed out the charts and I'm going to give it a try! I'm sick of all the meds and side effects that only stress me out more. Thanks!

Designs on 47th Street said...

I think this is fascinating. Thanks for the great lesson!

Enoch said...

One more reason why Enoch should give me a foot rub every night, I'm having a hard time convincing him though...:)


darlene said...

The great thing about reflexology is that you DON'T have to rely on your spouse, or anyone else, to give you a treatment. You can do it yourself whenever the need arises. I'm all for self-care. Who wants to make an expensive doctor appointment every time you have an ache or pain? Free help is at the end of your fingertips! Just whip off your socks and start rubbing the sore spots then and there! (And if your partner loves rubbing your feet and hands for you, so much the better!)
This is just one of many self-help methods that are out there for those of us who prefer to take our health care (wellness care) into our own hands.

darlene said...

By the way, Jill, have you been getting my emails?

grandmapeg said...

I heard about this years ago and then lost the information and couldn't remember the name so I'm glad you posted it. I'll have to see if I'm as lucky as Ammy, above, to have it work on my headaches. Thanks!

Jill said...

Just remember Peggy, that if you feel pain where you press, that is the very spot you need to work on.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I love this post! I have a reflexology chart that I inherited from my mother. I totally believe in it. My daughter Brook inherited her grandmother's gift of massage therapy and it has helped soooo much with recovering from my broken ankle. If I were rich I would pay someone to massage my feet daily! Until, then I'll rely on my husband and myself. Nice to see Wendy, if only just on your blog.