Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nostalgic Day

Does this place look familiar to any of you Fresno people?
I use to get my hair cut here back in the 1960s!
My mom would take me and my 3 sisters here. For some reason, which I don't understand, it use to take us the better part of a day. Lots of waiting back then, lots of visiting.

Betty Freeman would cut our hair.
She had twins a few years before my mom had twins, in the very early 60s I think. I can still picture the twins in the stroller right by her while she would cut our hair. Turns out one of the twins, Terry, is in the ward right next to ours. He married Debbie, who use to be one of my Beehives in the Young Womens group in our church back in the 70s. And no, it doesn't stop there. One of Terry and Debbie's daughters went to the prom with one of my sons a few years back. Not sure you can follow all that. :)

That little baby in the stroller, Terry? He and Debbie have 2 of their children married now! Their daughter Stacey is in our ward now so I get to see her often. Stacey is a real sweetheart and everyone just LOVES her.

I went back there this week to get my hair done by Betty's daughter Brenda. I wanted to get a picture of Betty but she was in the adjoining house (where she lives) unfortunately not feeling very well. She is in her 80s now.

They still have the SAME COUCH that I use to sit on in the 60s.
It must have been recovered through the years, but Brenda did say it is indeed the same one!

Look familiar?

Didn't mean to, but I seem to leave my mark wherever I go.
Notice my purse and pink sweater draped over that chair.
And my blue water cup to the left.

I did NOT like my hair cut growing up.
It wasn't Betty's fault though.
I'm sure my Mom requested it always be this short.
My bangs were so short, why did they even give them to me at all?

I never realized Richard's legs were even skinnier then mine.

This is when I started to rebel in 1967.
Looks like I missed a few of those hair cuts.

Me, Heidi, and Robin. Don't know where Peggy is.

This one's for Robin (see her comment)
Here I am showing off the gold head band Betty gave me one day.
I'm wearing the nightgown and robe I refer to in my diary below.

Like I thought I could come up with a good hair style on my own? (below)
So lovely:))
I did make my own dress though.
I made the one above too.
That was about the extent of my sewing career.

Scott has hardly changed through the years.

I was just about to finally throw away this diary from 1966,
but I first had to snag this page out being I wrote about going to Betty's.
I was 12.
And that was $2.00 I made, not 12.
That was good money back in 1966.
I absolutely LOVED babysitting at the Klands!


Brock said...

Jill!! You can't throw away any of your diaries!! We will all want to have to them!! This is your history you took the time to write it down you MUST keep them! No pressure! :)

Robin said...

I well remember the day that you came home from Betty's with that new hairstyle and a little gold headband. I was so envious... You'll never know what it is like to have an older sister who gets to do everything first... but I must say it did pay off in later years when you had the babies first and I got to watch and learn... it made the whole mom thing a whole lot easier. Thanks!
P.S. How about devoting one day a week to a receipe and a meal plan... You could improve the world one meal at a time. I would pay for another receipe that my family would like as much as taco soup.

Jill said...

ROBIN I am shocked that you commented, but also very excited about it! I just put a picture of me wearing that gold headband...go back and look....just for you Robin. :)

ERIN Trust me, the diary is a goner. I would not want anyone reading it after I am gone. It was filled with WAY TOO MUCH DRAMA. Remember, I was TWELVE...that number is an adjective in itself.

Richard said...

I went to Betty Freemans for my pre-mission haircut in Oct. 1971! It was one of the first I ever spent money on. While mom and dad were lavishing the girls with haircuts and shopping trips, the boys got at home shearings, yard work, and an occasional ride on Robbie Emlers go cart.

Richard said...

I forgot to mention the relative luxury of Bettys salon. Since I had never been inside the Golden Door in Beverly Hills where Aunt Hegge worked, I figured it must be the same thing!

Dad and Susan said...

Jill, You are still so you! Recording in your journal the interesting and accurate details of your days. It is amazing to me that you'd still be going to the same salon all these many years later. Now, that is a creature of habit. Darling pictures. As always, the comments are as fun as the blog. We got a kick out of Richard's "at-home shearings, yard work and rides on the go-cart."

Once again, you brought light into our day. Love, Dad and Susan

Jill said...

SUSAN...Well actually I am not so much a creature of habit, because this week was only the 2nd time I had been back since the early 60s.

I can't even tell you how much it means to me that you read my blog every single day!

RICHARD...You get your sense of humor from Natalie. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I love this post and all the "old" pictures. You are amazing with all of your posts. How do you come up with all these ideas to put up everyday? You should hire yourself out or at least give a class about it. I am glad you do this because it helps me to get to know Robin a little better as well as her family. Keep up the great work. I hope I can get to Fresno soon so I could see you again.

Lisa said...

I feel out of place because I'm not family & noticed all your fam' comments. How great is that? It's interesting when we actually read about the things that makes us who we are today! I've missed our blog-been gone a week!

Jill said...

Of course you are family, Lisa...especially now that I'm your visiting teacher!

The Gage Cage said...

You were such a cute little girl! Terry Freeman was my bishop as a teen. Debbie was my Laurel adviser. I used to babysit for Debbie as a teen. In my young adult years I was Stacy and Terra's YW leader. Talk about full circle. I LOVE the Freeman family. They were a very good source of strength when I needed it!

Jill said...

KRISTA...I had no idea you had such connection with the Freemans! I was Debbie's Beehive teacher when I was 19...and her sister Vicki's Primary teacher when I was 12. I thought I better put my ages in there so you wouldn't think I am even older than I am :)
You are so about full circle! Amazing all the ways their family was connected to yours! They are such a great family.

Richard said...

That picture of you and me must have been before I got involved with Wendy...she won't let me wear my pants high and comfortable like that anymore.

Kathy said...

When I was about 12 I had returned from a visit to see my Rozier cousins and my mother decided she did not like my hair long, so she took me to a barber shop (not Elizabeth Ardens where she worked) and had my hair cut short. I was so mad I walked home. I think I would have preferred staying home to mow the lawn or anything else if I had known that's where she was going to take me. I can actually laugh about it now.
Laughing now, Cousin Kathy

Jill said...

Oh no Kathy...I don't ever remember you with short hair. It must have grown out by the time I saw you again, probably not till the next summer. My mother loved short hair, the shorter the better. I think she was all about simplifying life. In her case, with 8 kids, it was probably all about survival.
Thanks for writing Kathy!!

The Millers said...

Jill, this is such a sweet blog. I love hearing stories like that. I think my grandma Betty loves short hair, whenever I was there for a cut she would say, lets go shorter, she liked boppy. And in the 80s she loved doing perms, so I had many of those too. She is amazing. Thank you for all the nice comments about our family, it means a lot to me. I am blessed with great parents and grandparents!