Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just in case...

Most of you have probably already seen this, or at least heard about it the past few days....but in case you have not, I wanted to make sure you did not miss out.

Do you remember an earlier post I did about the Nielson family? Stephanie and Christian Nielson were in a plane crash last August. He is in rehab now trying to recover from a broken back and burns over 30% of his body. She is still in the hospital with burns over 83% of her body. I am certain they are the most popular family now in the blogging world because they have been such an inspiration to so many, many people.

I begin each day reading excerpts that are posted each morning from Stephanie's blog. She was filled with such gratitude for her life, for her husband and her children, and they are a joy to read.

This was taken about a month before the plane crash.
I think I have seen this picture on more blogs than any other.
And if you would like to read an update on what is going on now, go here.

But this is what I want to make sure you did not miss. Last weekend they had a concert in Arizona to raise money for Stephanie and Christian's recovery. Their 2 little daughters, Claire and Jane sang for it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I have been wondering what is going on with them.

Mary said...

No matter how tough things get, we are always reminded how blessed we are when we see the trials of others. Their faith is inspiring.

Lisa said...

I just really found out about this today from Ana. We went to the Temple & she shared this family's story with me through your blogging.

The video clip really puts things in perspective. There are no words appropriate enought to express the deep reverence for life, love & this family.

Chris Bliss said...

Ever since you posted about them awhile back, I have followed them weekly through her sisters blog.

I am just in awe at the whole family and community.

Jill said...

Good Ashley, thanks for letting me know that. I was hoping others were being inspired by them as I have.

Kim said...

I've been following Stephanie and her sister Courtney's blog since the accident. It has certainly put life into perspective. I am always anxious to read any updates, too. She has a long road ahead of her, but what an amazing family she has to support her. And the generosity of others has really been incredible, too.

Dad and Susan said...

Thanks Jill, These two sisters certainly have a way with words, don't they? I enjoyed the updates and all the news. You are such a compassionate person to be aware of others with trials. I'm glad I know you and I certainly learn much from you. Love, Susan