Monday, October 20, 2008

Glimpses of the week

On Monday, Den and I took Laurynn out to dinner to celebrate her 9th birthday. It was so fun to have this little person in the back seat of our car talking nearly non stop to us. She is so excited about her Mom having twins, but also was concerned that they might be "stuck together" We assured her that if the twins were going to be stuck together, it would have already happened.

My niece, Natalie, surprised us with a visit last Saturday, straight from Pismo Beach, where she lives. Turns out we were just on our way to go out to dinner with my Dad and Susan so we asked her to come with us. She is like a ray of sunshine. We so enjoy her, and she keeps us laughing! I wanted to get a picture of the little dog she keeps in her purse, but my battery died right after this picture.

Last Tuesday while Elora and I were playing "Chinese Checkers"'s not the board game we use to play, it involves dancing around the room. (hey, I just take my instruction from her) She accidentally ran her leg against the fire place. I could tell that must have really hurt but she didn't cry at first.....there was just this very long pause, and then she CRIED in full volume! Three band aids and one popsicle later, this was our conversation:
Elora: "Grandma Honey, I tried really hard not to cry."
Me: "It's okay if you cry."
Elora: "At school we can't cry...especially during math."
Me: "Why would anyone want to cry during math?"
Elora: "Well if I get a paper cut, I would cry, and then they would send me to the nurse."
Me: "Well you can cry anytime you feel like it at my house."

Not sure what that was all about, but poor baby's just trying to figure out the world.

Erin, Cami, Amy, and Amy's Mom, Karen, were the only ones being cooperative for this picture. Even Elora went hiding. This was suppose to show our happy family after being at stake conference together. (Our wards are combined to make stakes, and we meet twice a year as a stake.)

Dennis and Elora were comparing their leg wounds.

Amy is really beginning to look pregnant.

Austin and Elora

Then, to top off last night, we had to go looking for a place to take a shower as our water heater quit on us, again. I don't know why my Dad and Susan thought this was so funny.

The worst part of the night was when I got out of the shower and came out with my nightgown and robe on....and my dad said I looked like a grandma. There is just something so unsettling about your DAD saying you LOOK like a GRANDMA.

Thank you Dad and Susan! Your shower was great.
We will be going on the hunt again for one tonight.


Anonymous said...

What a nice week you had minus Elora's injury. Love the picture of the shower. But I would rather see you in your nightgown and robe. That is great Natalie could come down. She is so nice.

grandmapeg said...

What fun pictures!!! It looks like you've had a great week with everyone. I wonder if I gave myself the same rule that Elora has about not crying during math because there were plenty of times in high school math classes (Algebra and Geometry) that I felt like crying :-) Math was definitely my hardest subject.

Lisa said...

Nothing like family times together. My favorite part was the compaision leg wounds. What a precious bunch you are! Keep 'em coming Grandma Honey!

The Gage Cage said...

Dennis you are definitely showing off your righteousnesses with those practically celestial legs! You are so close to perfect that you glow;-)

Rebecca said...

Laurynn is so pretty. My daughter and I think she has such pretty eyes and eyelashes! How fun you can go to dinner with her.

James & Kresta said...

What a week! I enjoy looking at all your pictures. It sure seems like you guys have terrible luck with water heaters! You are always welcome to take a hot shower over here.

Jill said...

Thank you Kresta! Actually we went to Sears last night and bought another new one. The last one we bought lasted only 4 months but this time we are having Sears install it so I know they will be good about their warranty. Thank you for the offer of the shower though, that's really sweet!

darlene said...

You sure have a good-looking bunch of people you call "family". Quite extraordinary.

kelly said...

Fun post! Our shower is available whenever you need it. The reason you couldn't post a comment on Chinese Checkers is because I only posted it long enough to see if the video worked. I have a few posts lined up before I actually post that one. I'm not sure exactly what the purpose of the chinese checkers thing is, but it's like a little song thing and ther is something about legs uncrossed or crossed that is a point or no points. It is very funny to watch the kids do it though. Jacob taught it to Ben and it makes me laugh.

Dad and Susan said...

Fun olio of pcitures. We were at Bass Lake and missed reading your blogs, but we are caught up now. Surely do enjoy the plethera of subjects you seem to be able to come up with. You're awesome. Dad and Susan