Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My oldest son, Brock, told us all that Elora would arrive on her due date 6 years ago. Sure enough at 4:20 am on October 8th, 2002, Brock called to tell me Erin's water broke. Elora arrived later that evening at 7:55 pm.

Elora Rose
7 lbs, 12 oz

When Elora was 2 years, 4 months, she got a baby sister! She was so proud. As we were all getting ready to take Cami home from the hospital, Elora stopped by the nurses' station and, with no prompting from anyone, said to them, "Thank you for the chocolate milk, and thank you for baby Camel." I'll never forget that.
Campbell, Erin, and Elora

Elora would hear phrases and then try to find places to use them, even before she knew what they really meant. When Elora was 18 months old her parents and her Uncle Tyler were playing a board game on our family room floor. Elora kept messing with the pieces of the game and throwing them around the room. Her parents told her a few times to stop doing that. Finally they were more stern, and Elora said to them, "I was just trying to help you."

Grandpa Dennis, Elora, Grandma Honey

From the time she was very tiny she she showed empathy and compassion for others. I think she partly came to earth this way, but I also think her parents taught her this. One day when she was about 4, we were in the car together when I noticed an old farm house was taken away. I nearly cried when I saw it was gone. I was shocked and kept saying, "That house!! How could they take it away? The cows, the sheep, the chickens are gone too!! Oh I am so upset!"

Several hours later, just before bedtime, I was filling up my 16 oz Tupperware cup with water and snapping on the lid that fit snuggly over it. As I turned to leave the kitchen it accidentally fell from my hands and splattered all over the surrounding wood floor. I sort of screeched and whined, "OH no, what a mess. Look what I did!" Elora could tell I was upset and said, "I am sorry Grandma Honey. It will be okay. I'm sorry they took that house away. I'm sorry about the cows and the sheep and the chickens." She is very protective over people she loves.

When Elora and her cousin Macie were preschoolers,
I use to have Grandma Honey school once a week.
We had the best time together!

One morning after Elora had spent the night with us (she was 4),
I was lying on the couch the next morning tired.

So she asked me, "Why are you tired?"
Me: "Because someone kept waking me up last night."
Elora: "Who did that?"
Me: "Well someone I was sleeping with."
Elora: "You mean, me?"
Me: "Yes, you."
Elora: "Did my bad dream wake you up?"
(I thought that was so cute, that she thought I experienced her bad dream, too!)

Campbell and Elora

To be a grandma is the greatest. I get to play with dolls and make cookies, and dance around the room. I remember the very first time Elora, before she was even 2, reached for a doll that I had sitting on a shelf in my family room. It was above her head, but one day she reached up on her tippy toes. Stretched and reached, repeatedly till she was able to get the corner of the doll's dress in her hand, and pull it down towards her. I was across the room, frozen, with tears in my eyes. I had waited decades for a moment such as this.

What a good looking family

So happy you are SIX!

When Elora was just a tiny baby, I use to set her on my kitchen counter in her little carrier, and turn on this song LOUD. (below) I would dance and sing and she would SMILE. Oh this is heaven.


grandmapeg said...

What cute pictures! Elora certainly is a cutie and I remember how excited you were when she was born. She certainly is mature for her age with such compassion. She has one of the best grandmas in the world!! Happy Birthday Elora!

Anonymous said...

I love this post and I love HER! Happy Grandparents day to you. You were there in the hospital and you have been there every day since. Thank you for exceeding every expectation of what a grandma would be for my babies. She has been sunshine since the day she was born. Oh and I think you should do a video of you and Elora dancing to that song... LOUD

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything said in the above comments. She is sure a sweet and funny girl. I am glad to know her. She is really awesome. Happy Birthday Sweetie.

Jill said...

Sorry Erin, but I don't dance on video. I don't dance with anyone in the room but my grandchildren. :) I'm glad you liked this post :)

Kris said...

Happy Birthday sweet Elora!

Dad and Susan said...

We agree with Erin--the video of you and Elora dancing would be the best! We could then share it with all the blog world.

Happy Birthday to Elora. How fun to be 6. Jamie's youngest, Kylie, turns 5 on October 13 AND her cousin, Knox, turns 7 on that same day! (Interesting note: Jamie has 3 children, of her 5, that have birthdays on the same day as others in the family!)

Love, Dad and Susan

Anonymous said...

Jill, now you told us, I think you need to show us. Come on, you can do it.

Thanks for the memories of David Cassidy. I loved him and his brother Sean. Wow, those were the days. I have to admit that I do have the Partridge Family on DVD.

darlene said...

video, video!!!

darlene said...

Elora seems like the kind of prim little girl who can go out and play in the dirt, but doesn't get dirty. Like dirt can't stick to her. Am I right? I just love her!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, precious Elora!! I hope your day was super-duper special. It has been a privilege to know you through the letters and pictures your Grandma sends to me which I promptly place in my "Heasley family" scrapbook.

Erin....those were beautiful words written about your mother-in-law. I can assure you that she feels the same way toward you. Your family is awesome!!

Rebecca said...

Such a cute post. Love the pink cowboy boots! I know a certain 18 year old who would love some of those herself. Happy Birthday Elora.