Monday, September 8, 2008

Today Show Tomorrow

I feel like I know these people, but I don't.

Sort of a friend of a friend.

In this blogging world, I have been following their story for the past about 3 weeks, and praying for them. Another reminder to us all that life can change in a moment.

Christian and Stephanie Nielson are in their 20s and have 4 children. About 3 weeks ago, they were in a private plane crash in Arizona. Stephanie has burns on over 80% of her body and is still in critical condition. Christian has burns over 35% of his body. The children are being cared for by Stephanie's sister in Utah.

They have a long recovery ahead and the children have been told they might be able to visit their parents by Christmas time.

You can see Stephanie's blog HERE, or look for updates on their recovery, and how their children are doing, from her sister's blog HERE. If you go to Stephanie's blog, look up what she did on August 12th, just 5 days before her accident.

Tomorrow Stephanie's sister will be on the Today show (NBC)
Tune in and count your blessings.


Rebecca said...

I too have been following this story! I think it is so wonderful that her sister is tending her children son lovingly!

Jill said...

I know what you mean Rebecca. From what I have read, her sister is treating those kids just like her own, which is of course exactly what they need right now. Must be hard though as her sister just has the one baby. What a sudden leap in parenting.

kelly said...

She has quickly become famous in the blogging world. I read about it through the digital scrapbboking blogging world to be more precise. So sad, I hope and pray they make it through alright.