Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Necessity, the Mother of Invention

All the cousins who are attending BYU from our family get together about once a month for dinner on a Sunday evening. They all have food assignments. This semester the group is small....just my 2 youngest sons, McKay and Tyler, and their cousin Ashley. The rest of the cousins have graduated, or gotten married, or are onto other adventures.

So last Sunday night Tyler and his girlfriend, Karen, made what I heard was a most wonderful pizza out of salmon, spinach, and I don't know what else. Ashley made a fruit salad. McKay suddenly remembered on Sunday morning I guess it was, that he was suppose to bring the dessert. Not wanting to go to the store, being it was Sunday and all....he made do with what he had.

He made Q-tip Popsicles.
Out of Koolaid frozen with a Q-tip swab as the stick.
Not sure he thought through the cotton part.
I actually found this out from my sister Robin, who heard it from her daughter Ashley.

Odd that McKay did not mention this fine dessert when I talked to him Sunday night.

So I called him last night to ask about it. I said I need a picture of his dessert for my blog...did he take pictures??
He said, oh, no, sorry Mom.
Well, do you have any left?
He sure did, in the freezer.
Then he had to leave this conversation as he had a racket ball date.

So I then called Tyler, and he found McKay's camera on the table although it was missing one battery. Good thing he found a battery in the TV remote. He said he took the picture but I'm not sure when he will have time to download it. They said it looked like a block of ice with some colored sticky stuff on the bottom of it, with the Q-tip poking out at the end.

I did, however, find a new picture of McKay (on the right).
Not sure who the other guy is.


Brock said...

that may have turned me off of least for tonight! Yuck! Only a boy!


Jill said...

Well I didn't ask how it tasted, or if anyone really did taste it, but I assume it was yuck.

Rebecca said...

This makes me laugh! Don't you just love boys? I laugh at the stories of my son at BYU. Sometimes I wish I could be a fly on the wall to watch the adventures! So funny!

Anonymous said...

That was a pretty cleaver idea but I am not sure about leaving the cotton on the Q-Tip. That would have been real tasty. What did Ashley think of it?

Kris said...

Oh, I just love McKay!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

of course he did! It reminds me of the time we made milk-pops when we were little. we figured, we loved milk, we loved popsicles, what could be better than popsicles that were made of milk? (we wound up feeding them to alex. at least she liked them.)