Thursday, September 18, 2008

On the top of the hill

Who in this picture looks like they are having the best time at my 8 year old birthday party?
The second one from the left on the front row, and she is my little sister Robin.

Notice that Robin is the only one with a party favor.
Already snacking on those jelly beans.
My birthday parties were always in April and it was always an Easter theme.

Here I am holding Robin at only 6 weeks old.

It's Robin's birthday today! I won't say her age, but it ends with a "0" and it is an important number. Kind of the age, that makes one feel they have reached the top of the hill and can see both sides now.

I have memories of Robin when she was 2 or 3 and she would wear these big white shoes. She was always on the run and into everything, especially if it was happening out of doors. I have this one very distinct memory of her lying on the floor with those big white shoes, watching television. Only they were not all that white, they were very banged up and very dirty, and her socks were nearly black. I truly do remember as I looked down on her and all her dirt (I was on the couch, she was on the floor) thinking to myself, "She will never amount to anything when she is older."

Of course I was all of 7 or 8 years old myself.

Here we are in our 60s dresses.
I'm holding newborn Peggy.

Robin was one wild child.
When she was about 2 years old she disappeared. We all, including several neighbors, were looking for her everywhere. I remember the fright, the panic, the worry. I was about 6 years old and in tears. Back then I don't think my parents considered calling the police. Turns out a neighbor near by had gone out and left her door unlocked. Robin helped herself to their house. She went into their bathroom going through all the drawers and and getting into everything. When we found her she was covered with white powder.

Well here we are all these years later and guess what one of her favorite books is?

She even has it displayed in her home.
Being a good wife and mother means everything to her.

Robin is an excellent listener. She is also a deep thinker and will come up with the most insightful concepts. I've had many prayers answered just by talking to her. She has many gifts but this is my favorite.

This is the most recent picture I have of my sister and her whole family. It was taken in 2001.

My mother however, claimed this was her most favorite picture ever:



Rebecca said...

this is such a cute post. How fun that you have all those old pictures. I love the one of your birthday party. I can tell you are in my age range, we all wore dresses like that to birthday parties. It looks just like my 7th birthday party!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Robin. I love all the pictures. I never knew Robin was so "wild". I thought she was more tame. Anyway, she is the best sister-in-law in the whole world. But actually I consider her my "older" sister!! I better be nice though because I turn her age next year at this time. I love you Robin!!! You are the greatest!!!!

Brock said...

I love this one! Happy Birthday Aunt Robin!! I love the last picture too!! I want a family picture like that, but the photographer always looks at me like I am nuts and won't do it! I think there is beauty in the real. I hope Robin's day is special.. oh and Robin... my mom always says, when the birthday ends with a zero you get to celebrate ALL week!

grandmapeg said...

First of all, I love Erin's mom's idea of celebrating the zero birthdays, all week. I love all of the pictures but especially the last one. It makes me smile because it is so 'real'. I remember years ago how you depended on Robin for finding the answer to that smell you had in your house and you couldn't find where it was coming from, after you had looked all over. You said Robin came and after a while she found the 'old' broccoli somewhere around your fridge. I remember how much you appreciated her finding that! This is a great posting! Sisters are the best!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Robin! Love all the pictures. Erin would love the picture I have of my sister's family in our computer room. They are all laughing and is priceless. Birthdays that end in 0 are the best--I'm coming up on one soon. Forget the first number, celebrate the 0, is my philosophy. Love, Susan and Dad

darlene said...

I looked up the book "I Want to be a Homemaker" on Amazon, and the cheapest one was $45.00. It must be an old one. I'd like to read it! Can someone give me a review of it? I love old books.
Thanks, Darlene

Jill said...

PEGGY...Well your story is sort of right. Only it wasn't old was a fresh big bag of it that I bought for a party. And it did smell up my house. I couldn't figure out what it was.

DARLENE... I got my copy on ebay for just a few dollars being no one bid on it but me I think. It's about a little girl who wants to be a homemaker like her mom. So she sets up house in her playhouse in the backyard and her mom gives her advice like, "Your children need good food. Be sure to give them milk, eggs, vegetables, meat, fish, whole grain foods, and some sweets. These foods will keep them well and help them grow."
At one point the mother says to the little girl about her playhouse, "You have made this little house very pretty. Your children will think it is the best place in the world."
I love the old drawings from 1961. It's not a very long book. Elora and Macie love it when I have read it to them.
I certainly wouldn't pay $45. for it. I imagine it will be back on ebay soon.

Lisa said...

There's a reason you couldn't was right the first time around! What a great tribute to your sister & a big Happy Birthday too!

Jan said...

Happy Birthday Robin. What a beautiful family Jill. I love a great sister like you.

darlene said...

In that picture where you are holding infant Robin, you look JUST LIKE ELORA!

Jill said...

Wow, thank you Darlene. You just made my day!!!

Christiansens said...

I love when you post all the pictures from when you were little! So cute! Happy birthday to Robin!

Sapp Family said...

Sister Shelly, I love how everyone seems to be intertwined in the church. I use to babysit for Dave and Robin when I was in Young Women and my grandparents are good friends with her mom Nelly.Now she is the Primay presidency and my kids love her. I will make sure to tell her Happy Birthday next time at church.