Monday, August 18, 2008

Visiting with their Sistas!

Last Saturday Dennis' daughters and their families were vacationing at a time share in Park City, Utah. They invited our BYU boys, McKay and Tyler, plus Tyler's girlfriend Karen, up for the day. This is the first time they have met Karen. I haven't even met Karen yet even though Tyler has been dating her since last October!

The girls took some great pictures!

Kim, Tyler, Karen, Kris, and McKay

Rachel and Karen (Rachie is Kris and Mike's youngest)

Tyler with Jacob, and Karen with Katelyn.

Jessica, McKay, and Emily

McKay and Emily

Kim, Tyler, McKay, and Kris...oh how I love to see them together!
I can't help but think these are the sisters McKay and Tyler use to pray for every night...
long before they met,
long before I met their father.


The Gage Cage said...

Your boys used to pray for sisters? They are so SWEET! Bro. Kennington talked about the apple not falling far from the tree...true for your boys for sure.

grandmapeg said...

These are great pictures of the brothers and sisters! They look like they had a blast together this weekend. I'm sure the grandkids had fun with their uncles too!

tyler said...

Hey, those are some good-lookin' pics. It really was a fantastic day. Karen keeps saying how much she loved Kim and Kris and thinks that they just have the coolest families in the world. I can't disagree.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jill,

How very, very nice for Kim and Kris and McKay and Tyler, for you, for Dennis, and the kids! I'm sure they were in 7th heaven having the undivided attention of their uncles and a beautiful girlfriend. Great pictures. It is such a fun place to be--so pretty this time of year too. Love, Dad and Susan

Kris said...

Oh, we had such a good time with Karen!!! (You boys were OK, too!) The kids had a blast being with you again. I think we kind of look alike, don't you think? :) We are so lucky to have Tyler, McKay, Brock and Logan in our lives.

the Rich girl said...

It really was one of the most fun weekends, ever! It was so nice of Kim and Kris to treat us to such a great day! Thanks again, you two. And thanks to your families for playing with us.

Kris said...

I loved to see Tyler and McKay again! And of course i loved hanging out with Karen! I wish they could of stayed longer! We were having SO much fun! Email me grandma if you can! And also tell Kylie to sent me a letter or an email so I can keep in touch with her! And thanks for sending me that letter! I love you grandma and grandpa shelley! -JESSICA