Monday, August 11, 2008

She is off to Family Camp

We had some good family time last night. Hailey is 14 months younger than my granddaughter Elora, and they sure enjoy each other.

Auntie Robin (I guess that would be technically Great Auntie Robin) picked up Hailey this morning and took her up past Shaver Lake for the annual Family Camp that our family has been a part of since the early 1960s.

By the way, yesterday Hailey was showing me her 3 mosquito bites. I told her that I didn't have any bites, that mosquitoes don't bite me. She thought about that for a few seconds then she said, "I think they don't bite you because they don't like the taste of your blood." I thought that was a very educated statement coming from a 4 1/2 year old! Most kids would think they just bite the skin.

Oh, and here's another one. She was trying to drink some orange juice in the car yesterday on our way home. The sippy cup would not work after the first couple minutes. I told her some of the pieces of orange were probably stuck in the little holes. She said to me, "It is probably just my saliva." Dennis was driving and I heard him say, "Saliva?? I can't believe she said 'saliva'."

Today before she left, Hailey and I had this conversation:

Hailey: I really miss Natalie. (she is her mom's sister) I have not seen her since I was 3 1/2 (I'm sure that is not true) and I want to see her so badly.
Me: Oh, well maybe you can see her someday soon.
Hailey: I know how I can see her!! I will just have a party. Natalie LOVES parties and she will always come to a party!

I know Hailey loves all of her family. And what is so wonderful is Hailey KNOWS all of her family loves her.

Here she is having one last look at cartoons for the week, while eating her carrots.
Saying goodbye as she gets all snug in Auntie Robin's van.


Princess Fluffybuns said...

This made my day! When Hailey was just two years old I took her to her first party and we chanted "party! party!" for the entire half hour drive there. I guess it made an impression.

Then again, all of my friend's children call me "Aunt Party." I'm not complaining.

I'm going to try to go to family camp on Friday to party down with her. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

xoxo Natalie

Get Weird said...

Thank you for posting these pictures, she is HUGE. I haven't seen her in a couple of months and I can't believe how tall she is. Jill, you have such a gift of unconditional love and take such good care of all those within your reach. It really is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Jill, What a treat it is to wake up to your blogs! I agree with get weird's comments. You have a great capacity to love and to serve. Hailey has a vocabulary beyond her years. The saliva has to come from her dentist dad. I'm so glad Natalie is coming. Won't that be a treat for Hailey! It is such a joy to be a part of your family. Love, Susan and Dad

Connie said...

hi Jill,

Hailey reminds me of .... you know who... Kenz... some children are bright and articulate and tuned in. Glad you had some time with her.

Richard said...

She reminds me of Papa Richard...