Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back from Family Camp

Hailey said she wanted to live at Family Camp forever. I heard she would get up every morning and put her swim suit on and wear it all day. After camp fire Auntie Robin would put her in the sink and wash her so she would be clean to go to bed. Next morning, on would go the bathing suit again. Does anyone have any pictures of Family Camp this year that I could put on my blog?

Hailey was so happy to be reunited with her deedee on Saturday night after coming back from Family Camp! Aunt Natalie aka Aunt Party, gave it to her, then they told stories in bed.

Chickie and Hailey made badges for my Primary class.
They both have the creative gene.

In the midst of the evening my son Logan came by to visit also.
Tomorrow is the big day.
We will learn the In-vitro verdict.

This morning before church Hailey said good bye to her daddy Jason.
He needed to get back to Rocklin.
Thank you so much to Krista Gage in our ward for letting Hailey borrow one of her daughters' dresses!! As soon as she put it on this morning she found her Jason and said, "Daddy how do you like my dress?" She sure loves her daddy!
Hailey is not a morning person so it was a bit challenging getting her to church by 9am. She was not ready to eat breakfast that early so I packed her some dry cereal, grapes, and boxed apple juice. Our Primary class sits on the back row, so that's where she ate it. She starts preschool next week in Utah so her routine is about to change.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jill, These are priceless pictures and a glowing report of family camp. We're all praying for Logan and Amy. We so look forward to your blogs. Love, Dad and Susan

The Gage Cage said...

Hailey is such a lovely little lady! I'm glad she had such a fun time at camp. I bet she'll love preschool too!

Anonymous said...

Preschool in Utah? Who is she going to live with? Hope she has fun. She is so wonderful. Her teacher is going to love her. I wish I had some kids in my class like her.