Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hailey the Camper

These pictures were too good not to share. Jason and Hailey just got back from a camping trip with Robin's sister Whitney, and her husband Bret.

Love this one of Hailey & her Dad.
Hailey looks like she has grown 3 years in the picture below, and I just saw her in May!
With Uncle Bret.
Aunt Whitney and Hailey

On a sadder note, Hailey's Aunt Lindsay wrote on her blog this week that she went to see My Sister's Keeper. Not a good thing. Two hours, a lot of crying, and a really bad headache, she said she realized it's not much fun to watch a movie she's lived through.

You can't miss this 30 sec video of my granddaughter, Elora interviewing Hailey.
Her last line shows what a confident child Hailey is.


Mary said...

I haven't lost a sibling to cancer, and I still don't think I could emotionally handle seeing that movie. I thought my heart would break when I saw Steel Magnolias (when Sally Field's character was with her daughter when she died) back when Sarah was a baby, and I swore I'd never do that to myself again. Lindsay was very brave.

I love to see Hailey and think about how proud her mom is, watching over her and seeing her grow up so beautifully.

Rebecca said...

That is NOT a movie I will be seeing, that is for sure. I like to go to movies to relax and enjoy, so I make it a point to only go to "happy movies". I think the interview is so darling. How fun will that be, when these little girls are grown, and can look back on these!!

Jill said...

That's what I'm hoping Rebecca. One of the biggest reasons I am doing this blog is for the history later on.

Eileen said...

I loved the video! How sweet, and how mature Hailey seems! I was shocked to here her say she was only going to be starting Kindergarten in the Fall. So grown-up!
Beautiful child. Loved the picture of her with her Dad, very touching.

I can imagine how hard it must have been to watch the heartache you've lived through unfold again before your eyes. I don't know how she did it.
My prayers for that beautiful child and the family,

Eileen said...

Sorry, I forgot to thank you, Jill, for all your kind comments to me on my blog.
So glad I got to meet you. I know this blog of yours is really for family, I hope you don't mind that I visit so often.
You just speak to my heart.

And sorry about the wrong use of the word 'here' in my previous comment, it should read 'hear'.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Love seeing the pictures of Hailey. She is so pretty and so grown up. She has a very good attitude. I love all the pictures. They are so beautiful.

I know what you mean about that movie. It is just too close to home. That is why I will never see Radio or Rainman.

grandmapeg said...

Such a cute video and I really did love her last line. That is just what we have to say about a lot of things in life, "that's just how it works!" Hailey is so cute and mature for her age. She looks like she had fun on the camping trip. Hmmm...I thought I might want to see that movie but now I'm not sure. Thanks for sharing Hailey and Elora, the interviewer!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I loved the video of Hailey. She reminds me so much of Robin. I love seeing all of the interviews you've done with kids.

Richard said...

Priceless...thank you!!

Lisa said...

Those are some awesome photos. Very attractive kids and adults. I cannot believe the size of that tree!

The video...that was really, really cute. I love how there's always so much going on in your life. Did you ever explain that whole black sock thing yet for the dentist? I'm really curious about about that tidbit of info you shared. : )

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Happy 4th of July!