Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday with our grandgirls

Jessica set her alarm for 7:30 but fell back to sleep. So just Emily and I were up early getting breakfast started. Church begins at 9am so we had lots to do to get ready. They looked so cute all ready for church.
As I was in the Primary room someone came to get me. They said Arden was wearing the same dress as Katie and Emily! If you remember from yesterday's post...we saw little Arden and her 2 brothers in Costco yesterday. So I just had to snap a picture of the 3 dresses alike. I wonder where Arden got her dress because Katie and Emily's moms both got theirs online somewhere, according to the girls.

Notice the woman on the left.
That is Jenni Mills our Primary president.
Just so happens she was also Kim and Kris' roommate in college!
(Kim and Kris are Den's daughters)

The girls were sure happy to see Grandpa after church was over.
Katie sat on his lap through most of Sacrament meeting.

After lunch at home we explained to the girls that Grandma and Grandpa always take a nap after church. We assured them that they did not have to take a nap but we would really like them to find something quiet to do for a couple hours. They decided they would like to watch Sound of Music. Perfect.

So we both took our naps but Grandpa Dennis had a hard time staying asleep. He kept hearing babies crying. So he goes out into the family room and sees all 3 girls watching the movie WHILE rocking and soothing "babies". (I have many dolls from the playroom that come to life). Even doing the standing up and jiggling and patting the babies as any good Mom would do. He comes back into the bedroom and says, "Those girls were MADE to be moms!"

We had Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner tonight in honor of their parents being in Hawaii. On the very top of them we put Chinese noodles. Katie asked me, "Do they really put Chinese noodles on these in Hawaii?" Good question. :)

While Dennis and I went home teaching tonight, we dropped the girls off to play with my sister's daughter, McKenzie. They were quite happy to get some ice cream
...something that is not in our freezer.
Katie, Jessica, McKenzie, and Emily

By the way, to back track a little, when I finally woke up from my nap today, this is what I saw:


tyler said...

So I haven't read your blog in several days and, um...those kids are definitely older than they used to be. Strange, eh?

The Gage Cage said...

In the past I've scene Arden wearing that dress. I loved it so much I had to look at the tag to see if I could figure out where it came from. Miranda said she bought it online. I think that dress is the cutest dress I've ever scene! It is fun and funky and pretty too. I love it. Your granddaughters were a complete delight to have in primary. Such good and beautiful girls! They look like they could belong to the Osmond's....only prettier.

Ammy said...

I bet you are having fun with those girls. They look like they are having fun too. They are so girlie...watching The Sound of Music, that was a typical thing you would see my sister and I watching on a Sunday afternoon while parents naps were being taken. Keep having fun! I have fun reading your blog!!!

Kim said... cute! I have to frame the one of the girls hugging dad! That is so precious. And I loved hearing them sing the Sound of Music! McKenzie is so cute -- I didn't realize your sister had a daughter their age. What a fun time these girls have already had!