Saturday, June 21, 2008

A recap of Day #2

We started off with Jessica and Emily making breakfast.

Then sleepy Katie got up and she made pancakes, too.

We ventured out before it got too hot and all went to Costco.
Look who we ran in to...first one of Elora's kindergarten teachers:

Wait, there's more...

Look who else we ran into...

Arden, Jordan, and Ashton Roberts.
After our sandwiches, grapes, and strawberries,
we played a few rounds of Sorry.
This was always my favorite game growing up.

Then the cousins arrived and all went swimming together.
Emily, Jessica, Elora, Kylie, Laurynn, Chandler, Katelyn, and Macie
Cami stayed inside with her Daddy where it was cool.
It was 110' !!!

Jessica and Emily
Elora and Kylie

Look at Chandler flying!
and Jessica had just swam to shore.

Elora got a skin burn on one of the pool toys.
She cried and cried and Katie came to her rescue.
She brought her dolls from the playroom and then coaxed her in there to play.
Katie has a gift for nurturing.

Finished off the day by going to the girls' request!
A surprise to us that kids get to eat free on the weekends.
Good choice girls!
Emily was so hungry that we ordered her a second meal right after the first one!
Jessica accidentally spilled her drink,
and Katie stood right up and went to get the waitress...
in true Katie style,
always taking care of everyone.


T said...

Your family is so beautiful! Looks like you all stay busy and have fun-
we went to Denny's per our kids request when we were out of town and to our surprise, kids eat free there Tuesdays! We lucked out too!

grandmapeg said...

It sounds like your day was fun from start to finish! You'll have those girls spoiled if every day of their stay with you is like this, but then that is what grandparents do best!

amyburb said...

What a fun week you have ahead of you! I really enjoyed having Jessica in my class today. She is a real sweetie!

Kris said...

Oh, the girls love making pancakes! Thank you for letting them help in the kitchen- it's one of their favorite things to do! I just LOVED seeing all the swimming pictures. It looks like so much fun. Boy, this is a week the girls will never forget.