Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Love California?

Jessica has on her cell phone, "I Love California" I know she loves us but I think she is reconsidering the California part. I've told the girls it's unusual, even here, to have this many bad air days in a row. Some summers we have NO red air days. Jessica said that a few years ago in Logan they had ONE red air day and the kids at school were all given masks to wear!

Three very sweet girls in a house all day because Grandma can't go out in the smoky air. So we rolled coins. Took all the loose change in the house that had been building up. I expected that the girls might just want to do a roll each and then get bored with it. They rolled all that was possible!

Emily commented that her parents are too busy to let her roll coins at home. And I thought yes, that's it....that is why kids need grandparents! Parents ARE too busy to roll coins. They are too busy for a lot of things. I remember well.

The girls enjoyed a 2 hour Wii game session/pizza party at Uncle Brock and Aunt Erin's house. Brock wanted his time with the girls as he has been working and had missed most of the fun with them, so hopefully tonight helped. They so enjoyed Elora and Cami, and Playdough the dog, and Socrates the cat.

Grandpa came home early again from work and took them out to lunch and then bowling with 2 of their cousins. I sent the camera with them, but as good as he is, well, he takes boring pictures. He takes pictures like the detective that he is. A separate picture of each of the 5 girls....each girl standing there holding a bowling ball. How exciting is that? I asked him why he couldn't at least put all 5 girls in one picture?? He makes me laugh.

Tonight they went to see cousins Kylie and Macie at their dance recital.

Dennis and I have noticed something interesting that happens every night after we tell the girls its time to put their pajamas on. They disappear. It's become predictable now. They go into one of the bedrooms together, close the door, never to come back out again. We hear quiet little chatter but that's about it. All day long they never go into the bedrooms and close the doors. Only when we tell them it's time to get dressed for bed. Our parenting memories of the past have come back to us. They are hoping we will forget about them and they will get to stay up forever. So we give them about an hour and then we tell them it's time for prayer.

Just before I went to bed I checked the girls like I always do.
Emily was missing from her bed.
So I went into Katie's room and this is what I found:

That left Jessica all alone in the "boys room"

Nighty Night


Judy Ryan said...

I love seeing Erin on your blog. What a delightful girl. Does she have a blog also?

Brock said...

Judy, Erin is somewhat anti-blog. Her thinking is: Everyone else is doing it so why should I? To date, she has written precisely 2 blogs, both of which can be found on her MySpace page.

We had a ton of fun with the girls during our short two hours. Looking forward to seeing them again next month when we're up in Utah.

Anonymous said...

Jill, this has been so fun to hear about the visit from the girls! You are such a great grandma.

Is Erin and Brock's dog really named Playdough? With the other one named Socrates, I'd think it would be Plato.

Love, Susan

Jill said...

No, the dog's name really is Playdough. Elora named him. She was using lots of Playdough at our house back then so that must have inspired her.

Brock said...

Actually, Susan's right. His name is "Plato." Elora wanted to name him "Playdough" but since she couldn't spell at the time and we wanted to give him a modicum of respect, we altered it to "Plato." When the cat came along...well, Socrates just made a certain kind of sense. Plus, we're really, really pretentious.

Jill said...

Well this is news to me. Elora still calls him Playdough. In fact, not too long ago when we had the playdough out Elora reminded me again that is where her dog got his name. You know I get all my information from her so I think you need to correct your source.

tyler said...

I think I saw "Plato" on the dog's tag when I was back home. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Brock said...

Good point, Tyler. "Plato" is how it is on his tag.

Mom, we've tried to explain it to Elora more than once. She's fairly insistent, as you well know. But she is right about one thing--we got "Plato" from Playdough. It was her idea, we just turned it into something we could live with.