Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chandler is 10 years old!!

Chandler was born just before midnight on June 11, 1998 weighing, 6 lbs, 12 oz.
He is the son of Amy and my second oldest son Logan.

Watch him grow. He's a cute one to watch.
Amy said he was born happy.

She remembers him always waking up happy from his naps.

Chandler loves playing with legos and building things with his hands.
Chandler likes to read Harry Potter books.
He really looks up to his big brother Austin.
Chandler likes to make everyone happy.

This was taken when he went to Pismo with Logan.
Just the two of them.

The Soccer Boy

Lookin Sharp and he has the cutest dimples.

He's excited for school in this picture.
That's what he says.
We are so proud of you!


Anonymous said...

Chandler is so "cute!" He's like a ray of sunshine! (lb)

Jill said...

He is! And he acts just like a ray of sunshine too!
Thanks Lisa.


logan heasley said...

Thanks so much for doing this for Chandler. He enjoyed reading your blog about him. I also enjoyed your blog as well. Thanks!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday (2 days ago) Chandler!! He is so awesome, I loved hanging out with him for awhile while I was in cali. He has some great magic tricks up his sleeve that he showed us. He is so funny.