Wednesday, June 18, 2008


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I don't know these people. I found this in Reminisce Magazine. To me this picture is so captivating. These ladies were all part of a Sunday Bible class at the Delaware United Methodist Church. From the spring and summer of 1933 to 1934 all these fellow church goers became new mothers! So they are all sitting here in 1934 holding their first baby.

I look at this picture and think how I would love to know the story behind each of these women.
What were they like?
Did they have good, happy lives?
How many more children did they go on to have?
Are any of them still living? I figure they must be about 94 years old or so.
What were their thoughts and feelings when this picture was taken?
Did these women stay with their original husbands? I imagine most of them did.
What became of their little babies?
What did they go home and make for dinner that night? I know they didn't stop off at Taco Bell.

I look at them and try to visualize how these women would look if they were young moms in 2008. I think they would look MUCH younger with today's makeup and hairstyles. Some of the women in this picture look so old, but they must not be if they just had their first child.

This picture was taken long before even I was born. I imagine we are more like these women than different from them.

Someday someone may look at a picture of us after we have gone back to our Heavenly home. They will probably also wonder what we did with our life while we were here.


darlene said...

Another question that comes to my mind is: How were these babies born? In hospitals or at home? And were they nursed? Were they left to cry in their cribs so as not to "spoil them", or were they picked up and cuddled when they cried?

Jill said...

Good questions! My mom was born at home in 1929 so perhaps many of them were also. I don't know what years it was thought that bottle fed babies were healthier. I have never understood that thinking, no matter what time period it is. How could anyone EVER think that we could improve on nature? I know my mom was told that bit about "don't spoil the baby by holding them too much" but she ignored it, thankfully.
Wouldn't you just love to go back in time and talk with one of these moms? I am just so intrigued by the past...especially when it comes to home and family.

Jill said...

Something else I just thought of...Notice there are no infant carriers. Perhaps these moms held their babies more, at least when they were out, because there was no place to put them unless they were at home.