Monday, May 12, 2008

What a man

Okay, so we were all ready to leave on our little trip. Car packed, pulling out of the driveway and then Dennis looks at me. I know what he is thinking....what did she forget this time? He had just told me a few minutes before, "I have the cat in the garage." (Meaning: He doesn't want to go back in there again or she will escape and then he will have to coax her back in, etc etc)

I said, Nope,I'm not forgetting anything. Oh wait, I forgot my perfume. I can't go away for a weekend with no perfume.

So my ever to be patient husband says, "Okay, wait right here. I will go through the front door and get it for you. Which one do you want?"

Any one is fine.....uh, think small. Just get a small one.

He goes back into the house and brings back a bottle of Shalimar.

No, honey...not that one. Uh, I need one that sprays. (Actually a man friend before Dennis gave me that as a gift. I can't wear that one.)

He goes back into the house and brings me a bottle of Navy. I love that stuff but it's empty. Honey, didn't you notice it's empty?

"Well then why do you keep it?"

I love the way it smells but I can't use it...see nothing comes out when I spray it.
Just get one that sprays and is not empty.
Please honey?

He goes back into the house and brings me Eternity Moment.

What a gentleman, and what a sweetheart HE ALWAYS IS.

So we get to our hotel. The same one we go to every 6 months in Morgan Hill. We know the desk clerk by name. We always ask for either Room 101, 102, 130 or 128. Those are our favorite ones. We were surprised to discover they redecorated it since last time and now we like it even better.

We had a GREAT time. Morgan Hill is a nothing town. Our kids would especially think our trip was boring, but we LOVED it.

Dennis holding my purse while we shopped.

One of the many reasons I love this man. He will do anything for me.


grandmapeg said...

Thanks for sharing your trip. And what a sweetheart Dennis is for three extra trips back to get the right perfume! Thanks for mentioning the Navy perfume because it reminds me that I'm out of that too and need to pick me up some! Loved this entry!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jill, I have always been impressed with Dennis. I mean he always remembers my name. Why would he have any reason to remember my name? I am just your sister's husband's sister!!! What a man!!

Lisa said...

Yup...He is great-I've always felt I could trust him too. You've got such a following on this Blog! You're a gifted writer! (lb)

Rebecca said...

I loved this post. The perfume thing made me laugh! It sounds like something I would do! Your husband sounds alot like mine!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohmigoodness! Dennis is a saint! You do have a loyal following for your blog for good reason. They are always so succinct and the pictures are great. I hope to be as faithful and adept as you someday! Love, Susan

The Gage Cage said...

There is something about knowing the sweet from the bitter that increases love, friendship and appreciation. Dennis just knows how good he really has it. Sounds like you know too. That makes for a very good and happy marriage. Paul and I love you guys. You're the best!

logan heasley said...

I love that Dennis holds your purse for you. Logan does that for me too. He even poses with it. I love the perfume story. What a man Dennis is! Your hotel room looks so nice.